Happy New Year 2012

Hello Farm Friends!

Welcome to 2012! I am finally getting used to writing that date, however I sometimes mess up and write 2010 which is really weird! Hope the new year is treating everyone well. Here on the farm most things are bunkered in and we have our daily chores to do outside, harvesting each week from the hoophouses, delivering produce, replanting the hoops, starting seeds etc. It is a big list of to-do's, but the biggest to-do list comes inside the house in the form of "brain work" or "computer work". The planning that goes into a farm really goes against most folks ideas of what a farm is. Some think that a farm just sort of runs itself, the animals have babies in spring naturally, you plant when it is warm, harvest before it gets too cold and otherwise you just go with the farm flow. So not the case!

As with any endeavor farming must be planned well to be successful. If you don't plan now when you can think straight, then come June and July the wheels will come off of this farm bus! I do love the winter months (not because of the cold--hate cold boo!) but because it does give me time to learn, to sharpen my skills as far as what I need to be looking for in the summer, what do spider mites and their resulting damage look like? and if I see that how am I going to combat it! For the most part we like to use beneficial insects for our pest control. I love that part of the farm and I love to see those wonderful lady bugs working even at this time of the year! All of the planning gets a bit overwhelming at times, but then I remind myself that if I plan well and work hard now I can delegate later! That is another good thing about the benefical bugs, they work while you do other things. Unlike spraying the bugs are working 24-7 to keep things in balance.

We have officially marked the tomato rows. What does that mean you ask! That means that we are close enough to planting tomatoes in the hoophouses that we must begin thinking about what we replant those rows with. You don't want to have to rip out perfectly good spinach to put tomatoes in come March, so we mark the rows visually to avoid planting mistakes. Visual is good for me. I need visual because I really can't keep up with anything else in my head!

Kels is back in the US of A. Actually she never left the US of A, but I have a hard time thinking of Hawaii as close. We are tickled at the prospect of seeing her tan self and having our daily dose of Kels here on the farm. She is an incredible worker, but MOST importantly she is a wonderful person. She is the kind of folk who makes you feel good just by being around her! We have missed her this winter, but happy for her opportunity to travel.

Coming up in February will be your opportunity to learn more about our summer CSA and get signed up if you like. Also will have grass-fed beef info in February. So hang on a few more weeks. Before you know it Spring will be here!

Well, I will sign off and get back to work! Happy January!

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open for the WINTER MARKET. Winter hours are 9-12 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. We plan to be there each week this winter. To place a pre-order for pickup on Saturdays please visit On-line Market Page and choose Saturday Franklin Market as your pickup choice.

We are also open each week here on the farm. Orders are taken Saturday-Tuesday at On-line Market Page. You can place your order online, then pickup here at the farm on Thursdays from 3-6 pm.

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