February 2012

Hello Farm Friends,
It is now February and any denial I have had that 2012 has actually begun must be banished! The sun is hanging on a bit longer in the afternoons, the spring peepers are singing to us each day, pastures are greening up and the bees are flying. It can only mean one thing--"SPRING! I still have this feeling that somewhere up Mother Nature's sleeve is this one last reminder that it is of course still WINTER, but for now I will enjoy the sun! The plants are looking great in the hoops, the baby seedlings are growing like, well like little seedlings do, I won't call them weeds! Progress is in motion just about everywhere you turn on the farm these days. These days our to-do lists have a priority ranking and simply "what must get done before Spring" takes precedence over all else!

The ewes are getting bigger as their babies grow getting ready for their March arrival. We can't wait to see those little guys hit the ground! The lambs seem to keep things quite interesting here on the farm in the spring as they figure out how life works. They are a great distraction to our workday to say the least!

This month, we want to invite you to check out our Simply Summer CSA which takes place June-August each summer. Our CSA is a simply short, 10-week CSA full of the most popular and easy to serve veggies that summer has to offer! We have two pickup locations, one is on the farm in Eagleville on Thursday afternoons, the other is in Franklin on Tuesday afternoons. For more complete information please visit 2012 Summer CSA info, or send us an email.

We hope you have a fabulous February, hug your sweetie, eat some really fabulous chocolate, then breathe deeply because Spring is right around the corner!

We have several ways you can get our produce during the winter months. The Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays, Stones River On-line Market, and Pickup at the Farm in Eagleville:

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open for the WINTER MARKET. Winter hours are 9-12 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. We plan to be there each week this winter. To place a pre-order for pickup on Saturdays please visit On-line Market Page and choose Saturday Franklin Market as your pickup choice.

We are also open each week here on the farm. Orders are taken Saturday-Tuesday at On-line Market Page. You can place your order online, then pickup here at the farm on Thursdays from 3-6 pm.

Stones River Market is open for orders each Sunday through Tuesday with orders delivered to Murfreesboro on Wednesdays. For more information please visit Stones River Online Market.

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Photos of the Month
Kels is back! The veggies look great, see for yourself by visiting the link below.
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