March 2012

Hello Farm Friends,
Spring has sprung and I know this because the only reason I am getting this newsletter out today is because it is raining! Wow, what a busy month so far! Tomatoes are in the ground in the hoophouses, the strawberry plants are busting with blooms and the beginnings of berries, and the bees are expanding their numbers and beginning to find some sources of pollen outside (are you noticing the pollen too?).

The ewes have begun to lamb, so far we have 3 girls and one boy. Nice numbers since we are looking to expand our herd this year. The bulk of the ewes still need to lamb, we are not sure what they are waiting on, several look quite uncomfortable. I just love welcoming the little lambs to the farm. They are such a joy in the spring after the gray of winter, that bright white new lamb glow on the farm always sets my heart in the right direction!

This past week, we crammed and scrammed and got everything ready to plant our early crops before the rains arrived. We hit it just in time too. It is a real relief and joy to know that potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, collards, and kale are in the ground nice and safe like enjoying a good drink of water today. It is also a relief to know there is now room in the seed starting greenhouse to plant more stuff! It was BUSTING at the seams for about the past 3 weeks!

Things are looking good for this summer. Our Summer CSA plans have been finalized (more on that below!), we have our work force all lined up which includes Kelley Gallagher (Kels that you all know and love!), Brian Ader (MTSU student, our help this winter, excellent young nimble man that us OLD folks are looking forward to having around here!) and Tim Carey (long time great help, since he was 13!). So things will stay quite busy around here this summer, there should be plenty of laughter and I will have to cook lots of food to feed the mouths around the lunch table, but what a joy to be able to have them with us and our boys this summer! We are excited!

Dylem and Caleb are working for us too this year, saving to buy chicks for Heifer International, a nonprofit group that provides animals to poverty stricken families with the idea that if you give them animals not only can they feed their family, but they will also be able to provide for their family through selling offspring or the products of the animals. Jim and I are saving to buy sheep for a family. It has been fun to begin to increase the boy's awareness that not everywhere in the world looks like Middle Tennessee!

This time of year is always a challenge. You never know if you are doing things too early, too late, too much, not enough, but somehow it always seems to work out OK. That is life isn't it? Lots of questioning about what the right thing is, but in the end it all works out OK and for that I am thankful!
The winter was a mild one wasn't it? It has certainly helped us be able to bring great crops to you during the "cold" season. We have been amazed at the amount of produce the hoophouses have produced this winter! We hope you have enjoyed it!

As I mentioned earlier, our summer CSA plans have been finalized and we have a location and time for the Franklin area now. Our summer CSA takes place June-August each summer. Our CSA is a simply short, 10-week CSA full of the most popular and easy to serve veggies that summer has to offer! We have two pickup locations, one is on the farm in Eagleville (30 minutes from Franklin or M'boro) on Thursday afternoons from 3-6, the other is in Franklin at Harlinsdale Park on Tuesday afternoons from 12-3. Harlinsdale is located across the road from the Factory on Old Nashville Hwy. It has a dog park there and the Franklin Market Kids Garden is located there. The site for the market will be under some huge shade trees, on the grass, so it should be a nice setting for an afternoon market. If you would like complete information about the summer CSA, you can visit
2012 Summer CSA info, or send us an email. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have, or help you get signed up for the summer 2012 season.

Be sure to check out our March photos and blog, links are below!


We have several ways you can get our produce during the winter months. The Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays, Stones River On-line Market, and Pickup at the Farm in Eagleville:

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open for the WINTER MARKET. Winter hours are 9-12 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. We plan to be there each week this winter. To place a pre-order for pickup on Saturdays please visit On-line Market Page and choose Saturday Franklin Market as your pickup choice. The Summer Market hours begin May 5th then the market will be open from 8-1 until November.

We are also open each week here on the farm. Orders are taken Saturday-Tuesday at On-line Market Page. You can place your order online, then pickup here at the farm on Thursdays from 3-6 pm.

Stones River Market is open for orders each Sunday through Tuesday with orders delivered to Murfreesboro on Wednesdays. This is a wonderful "market" for Murfreesboro where you can order from the comfort of your computer from many different farms, bakeries, etc and pickup in one location, just off the square in downtown Murfreesboro. For more information please visit Stones River Online Market.

Pa Bunks is now carrying Rocky Glade Produce in downtown Murfreesboro! For those of you who don't know Pa Bunks, it is quite cool! Corey Williams who owns it is one of the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet. He has a great variety of organic and natural products in his store including fresh produce, canned goods, ready to eat items, fresh locally made breads as well as sandwiches, fresh coffee and other drinks. If you are in the downtown area and need a break, go by Pa Bunks, grab a sandwich and drink and relax at Bunks! For more info visit Pa Bunks Organic Market.

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Farm Life Blog

Photos of the Month
Had a few troubles with the photos this month, but hopefully you will see what we have been up to. Lots of tomatoes in the ground in the hoophouses, cool season crops now in the ground outside and all around enjoying spring!
To see the photos of the month use this hotlink Photos of the Month

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