August 2012

Hello Farm Friends,
Happy August! Can you believe the summer is winding down? This summer has seemed like a whirlwind of activity here on the farm. First there was summer in March (remember that?), then there was a late frost (protect those berries!), almost textbook spring which sprung into a summer drought that we are just now hopefully pulling out of. Now it is time to think about school, fall crops and getting the farm cleaned up and crops transitioned from summer to fall season.

Sometimes the summer can get a bit redundant. Basically once you are into the summer it is the same thing over and over plant, harvest, and off to market-- multiple times a week we do the same routine to provide top quality produce to our summer csa members, farm and farmers market customers. I am happy to say that we have had a great crew to help us accomplish our routine this summer. They have not backed down, quit or even complained and goodness knows it was hot enough to complain a time or two. We couldn't do it without them, so thanks Kels, Brian and Tim, we surely appreciate you guys!

Each summer we usually have at least one unique experience here on the farm that breaks up the redundancy. This year it was T-post, lovingly now shortened to "T". One farm morning while picking cucumbers I asked Brian to get started on some squash and when he replied it sounded like a "meow". I just had to ask him to repeat what he said (I thought maybe voice change again? Was he sick?) I think we all heard the tiny meow at the same time and in about 5 seconds flat all of us farm folks were hovered around a pile of metal fence posts staring at this wet, scrawny, dirty, tiny little kitten. My first thought was "great, just what we need, a kitten", but then of course it began to purr and well who can turn their back on a wet tiny kitten? So Kels and the boys took it to the house and gave it some food and water. Poor thing was so hungry, it didn't wait for food in the bowl, Dylem said it just jumped into the big bag of cat food and began to eat. So now we have our newest farm addition, "T". T has been the best little cat, so well behaved, stays at the barn, gets along with Mo our older cat. I have no complaints, only happiness that this little snuggler was somehow dropped into our lives one ordinary summer morning! To see what a pretty little kitten this is visit our pictures of the month below

It is hard for us to express what each of you and your families mean to us at Rocky Glade. Without your commitment to buying local, and farm fresh we would be out of business. Each and every day we are thankful to you, our loyal customers! We will be taking some time away from the Franklin Market in September in order to transition the farm to our fall and winter crops. Since we grow all winter long it is imperative that we get these crops in the ground and get them growing in time to mature before the coldest weather arrives. We have found in the past that we simply can't get everything done and still go to market, so we will be away a few weekends in September, but back with fresh greens, more winter squash and the remnants of summer crops in October. We appreciate your understanding and patience with us during this time. We will still be selling from our online market page with pickup on the farm on Wednesday afternoons 2-6 pm as well as taking orders through Fresh Harvest and Stones River Online Markets.

Happy Summer,

We have several ways you can get our produce during the summer months. The Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays, Stones River On-line Market, and Pickup at the Farm in Eagleville:

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open for the Summer Market. Summer hours are 8-1 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin.

We are also open each week here on the farm. Orders are taken Saturday-Tuesday at On-line Market Page. You can place your order online, then pickup here at the farm on Wednesdays from 3-6 pm.

Stones River Market is open for orders each Sunday through Tuesday with orders delivered to Murfreesboro on Wednesdays. This is a wonderful "market" for Murfreesboro where you can order from the comfort of your computer from many different farms, bakeries, etc and pickup in one location, just off the square in downtown Murfreesboro. For more information please visit Stones River Online Market.

Pa Bunks is now carrying Rocky Glade Produce in downtown Murfreesboro! For those of you who don't know Pa Bunks, it is quite cool! Corey Williams who owns it is one of the nicest folks you could ever hope to meet. He has a great variety of organic and natural products in his store including fresh produce, canned goods, ready to eat items, fresh locally made breads as well as sandwiches, fresh coffee and other drinks. If you are in the downtown area and need a break, go by Pa Bunks, grab a sandwich and drink and relax at Bunks! For more info visit Pa Bunks Organic Market.

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