Dylem tells how it really is

Hello Farm Friends,

This week I wasn't feeling very creative, so I asked our 2-year old son, Dylem to tell you sweet folks about what has been going on around here. I told him if he would write it…I would type it up…so here he is…

Hello Farm Friends,
Yes, it has been a while since I saw some of you in July at the market, but others I see each week here at the farm. Of course I act shy about seeing you, but I really do like having visitors! Mom says that I will probably be back at the Market in October, but right now it is a full time job watching after Grandma on Saturdays. You wouldn't believe all the cool stuff I have to show her around here. There is so much that it takes all day on Saturday! My tadpoles are growing front and rear legs and are starting to sit outside of the water trough now. I still ask Mom to catch them for me, but it is getting harder to persuade her to do so. I don't understand it…they are just tadpoles! Emma's calf is still "under" her. Mom says the calf is inside her, but I think under is a better description. Dad and I have been busy working on the chicken brooder. We are fixing one and building another to get ready for our "chicky babies" that are coming in October. Dad says they will come in the mail. How will they get them in the mailbox? I want to know! Mom tries to help Dad and I with the building projects, but I think she gets in the way. Sometimes I even have to tell her to "move" so I can get closer to help Dad out! My chicky babies will be "little bitty" when they get here but will grow up "big big" and "black" even though Mom says they will be red. Can you really trust a lady that cannot draw a decent tractor on paper when I ask her to, or doesn't understand that marshmallows are a breakfast food? Mom is planting the hoophouse with all kinds of seeds. She says that I am stepping on them when I walk in the beds and really gets after me, but I can't see anything that I am doing wrong! Sometimes life around here is confusing…you know? We are almost finished working in the gardens, not quite, but almost. It seems each week that Daddy gets the "baby tractor" and "b-hog" out and mows down whatever has finished producing. We still have purple hull peas coming in and I am so glad…they are my FAVORITE…to pick…not eat! Other than that I am keeping busy eating marshmallows and drinking "ade" when we take a break from working outside, gathering up the chicken eggs, brushing Emma and dumping the chicken water. It is really hard for me to keep Mom and Dad straight and keep everything done around here, but I promise you I will stay on them and keep them working hard. Eventually they will get to everything…gotta go Dad and I are going to feed the puppies!

Pork Shoulder Roast Special! Our special of the week is Buy 4 of our Pork Shoulder Roasts get 1 FREE. Shoulder Roasts are very versatile in the Vaughn home. We (OK…I) will normally use the crock-pot to cook one for several hours on low until good and tender. We will eat roast and then make pulled pork BBQ with the leftovers. The sandwiches are better than the roast in my opinion! Try making your own BBQ sauce for an even better flavor…I did this past week with onions, ketchup, brown sugar and some soy sauce…it really was better than the bottled stuff! If you would like to take advantage of the special just enter a "5" in the quantity field for the pork shoulder roasts and we will know you want the special!

Picture of the Week
Little lambs are growing up into good sized sheep now. Our picture of the week is of a spring 2006 lamb. We are hopeful that some of our ewes bred back this summer and will have lambs later this fall. To see this week's picture of the week, please follow the following link. www.rockygladefarm.com/photos.php

Pickup Options
When placing an order, you have two pickup options. You can choose to pickup on the Farm on Thursday September 7th or at the Franklin Farmers' Market on September 9th. To place an order for pickup at the farm, please visit our website and have your order in by Wednesday night at 8pm. Orders to be picked up at the Factory need to be in by Thursday evenings. Thanks!

How to order
Ordering is easy at www.rockygladefarm.com. By ordering online you can see pictures of what each type of produce looks like After you have chosen your items be sure to click on submit order! We will reply to all web orders so watch for an order confirmation in your inbox to confirm we received your order. We are taking orders to be picked up on the farm on Thursday September 7th or Saturday September 9th at the Factory in Franklin.

To see what is available this week from Rocky Glade Farm click here www.rockygladefarm.com/market.php

Have a super week and we will see you soon!

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