Pray without Ceasing

Hello Farm Friends,

I have seen several articles in parenting magazines with titles such as, "How to teach your child empathy", and "How to raise a caring child". I am thinking of writing one myself entitled "How my child raised a more caring parent". Some of the sweetest times with my 2 year old son Dylem come at the end of our day, after the books have been read and the lights have been turned off. That is when we pray. Sometimes his prayers are for things that are not "proper" to pray for I suppose, like Grandpa's tractor, hay baler, and bush hog, but I let him pray whatever is on his mind. I actually like hearing whatever he has to say at that time of day. Usually I will start a prayer and let him take it where he wants to. He will generally recall the people, animals and things most prevalent in his life and will also generally mention something "major" that happened to him that day. Kind of like he is trying to sort it all out before he goes to sleep…or maybe he just wants to make sure I have it straightâ€"who knows? This past week a family friend got some disturbing news about a test result from her 2 year old. So we have been praying for him (and the parents) at night. Actually Dylem has been praying and I have been crying and taking a hard look at myself on the inside. The first night I prayed for Colby with grown up words and after I finished Dylem reduced my blubber to this: "God fix Colby, Colby sick, make better". He said in 7 words what it had taken me minutes to convey to God. And he didn't just pray it once, he said it over and over and over, which melted my heart more than any sermon ever could. My son teaches me lots of things about myself, but he teaches me things about God too. This particular night Dylem helped me to remember that God wants me to come to him like a child, with simple words and an open heart…and that I should pray without ceasing too! May you all have a blessed week!

Special of the Week
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Picture of the Week
The cows are playing follow the leader to their new pasture! They have learned to follow us wherever we go…just in case there is a new pasture full of grass about to be opened up. To see this week's picture of the week, please follow the following link.

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When placing an order, you have two pickup options. You can choose to pickup on the Farm on Thursday September 21st or at the Franklin Farmers' Market on September 23rd. To place an order for pickup at the farm, please visit our website and have your order in by Wednesday night at 8pm. Orders to be picked up at the Factory need to be in by Thursday evenings. Thanks!

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