Rolling out the R

Hello Farm Friends,

This is the last week to enjoy September in 2006, and what a September it has been. I cannot remember ever having so much true fall-like weather. Oh I hope it spills over into October! Jim begins turning our garden grounds into fall and winter pasture for our livestock this week by sowing it down in winter rye and wheat. There is nothing quite like the beautiful bright green fields of winter pasture grasses when the rest of the world is cold and brown. The seasons are changing and so are we. I thought this week I would roll out a few more changes that will be taking place here on the farm within the next year. In winters past we have delivered our winter veggies to Franklin every other week. This year a new thing will be happening here on the farm. Instead of delivering, we will begin our first winter veggie CSA here on the farm in November. We first offered this CSA to our most devoted winter delivery customers and on-farm customers. All of the shares we had available for this winter are spoken for. I am very excited about the CSA this winter as it will help us plan and plant better as well as be able to connect with folks on a different level than delivery offers. Another change that will take place in 2007 will involve our farm raised meats. The ground that we raise our hogs on is ground that we rent, not own. The owner has hinted that she would like to sell her land in the near future. For that reason and a few others we have decided not to raise hogs again, for the foreseeable future. The demand and customer request for custom freezer beef has been the fastest growing portion of our business over the past two seasons. With that in mind we have decided to stop retailing the meat and dedicate our beef business 100% to the folks who want to stock their freezers with wholes and halves of Rocky Glade Farm beef. Truly, this does offer a great savings to our customers as well as lower our risk, overhead costs and time resources. We will begin taking deposits for the beef in February 2007 and will be taking the beef to the processor in June and September. Whole lamb will be available on this same schedule as well. We understand that these changes will not be pleasing to all of our customers and to those folks we do apologize. Change was needed here on the farm and in our personal lives involving the farm. We believe that the changes we are making are positive for our family as well as the families that will be able to take advantage of our services. We will continue to keep you up to date via email with "fresh" news from the farm. As always, we will be committed to growing the best possible food we can for your family and ours. We thank you for your continued support! We are looking forward to serving you in a whole new way! Have a super week!

October NEWS!!!
The Franklin Farmers' Market will be open through the month of October and we will be keeping our summer hours of Thursday nights 3-6pm through October as well. We are picking up 2 of the last 3 beef of 2007 from our processor today. What this means for you is that if you would like to stock up for winter, NOW is the time to do so. You may order on-line or send us an email with your order.

Pork Winter Stock up
For the last month of the Market, we are offering 20% off any order of $50.00 or more of pork products. Please see our website market page for a complete listing of pork cuts available.

Picture of the Week
Yes, some of our animals are tormented here on the farm…especially "my" cat Trouble. Bless his heart, he loves a good chase as much as Dylem does! Dylem likes to chase him until Trouble has had enough and runs behind the closed barn door for safety. Then Dylem thinks it is fun to look for him in the dark places…and Trouble thinks it is fun to swat at Dylem's hand between the barn doors with his paw…and then…the fun is OVER! To see this week's picture of the week, please follow the following link.

Pickup Options
When placing an order, you have two pickup options. You can choose to pickup on the Farm on Thursday September 28th or at the Franklin Farmers' Market on September 30th. To place an order for pickup at the farm, please visit our website and have your order in by Wednesday night at 8pm. Orders to be picked up at the Factory need to be in by Thursday evenings. Thanks!

How to order
Ordering is easy at By ordering online you can see pictures of what each type of produce looks like After you have chosen your items be sure to click on submit order! We will reply to all web orders so watch for an order confirmation in your inbox to confirm we received your order. We are taking orders to be picked up on the farm on Thursday September 28th or Saturday September 30th at the Factory in Franklin.

To see what is available this week from Rocky Glade Farm click here

Have a super week and we will see you soon!

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