The Big Wood Barn

Hello Farm Friends,

We have a huge oak barn here on the farm that in my mind has been here since the beginning of time and in my mind should remain here until the end of it. This barn symbolizes life, stability, protection, adaptability and steadfastness to me. It is the only structure on our farm that I find myself drawn to with a camera almost every time I am outside. Much like taking pictures of our child as he grows, I want to capture the big oak barn in the spring green, the heat of summer, the golden fall and the snowy-grey winter. It actually has a place in Dylem's baby book. For some reason, my heart wanted to snap a picture of the big barn the way it looked shortly after his birth…just so he would know. He probably won't understand why there is a barn in his book and I am sure that his future wife will think I was a silly mom, but anyhow it is in there. I guess the thing that draws me to this barn is the past. Many types of mule-powered equipment in can still be found in the loft. There are grapples up there to haul the hay in loose form to the loft from hay wagons before anyone thought about inventing baling wire. There are notes that past farmers jotted down on the walls about certain crops and yields and things to do. It is made out of oak wood that most likely was cut and sawed here on the farm. The barn is also adaptable as it has tolerated many design changes over the years. Different farmers would add or subtract things to meet their needs. We were no different when we bought the farm eight years ago. The barn was primarily used as a horse/mule barn, but we needed it to be a home to many different types of livestock, so we ripped out the horse stalls and made larger pens to accommodate the bottle calves that we raised for several years. When we added sheep to the farm, the barn was again changed a bit to better handle smaller animals and on it goes. It is nice to work with such a stable, but pliable friend. I know that no matter what we change and decide to do next, the barn will still be here offering shelter to our animals on a cold, wet night. It will still be here with its lights burning into the night as we assist a new baby into this world. Yes, our barn is like a good friend and business partner, one who listens and understands what you are going through and is ready to make the changes necessary for the next chapter in both of our lives.

I wanted to take a minute and say "THANK YOU" for a wonderful 2006 season here at the farm and at the Farmers' Market. We appreciate your business and friendship this past year. There are many times that a kind word you have spoken to us has helped us make it through a difficult season in our lives. By far this summer has been a challenge, but by far we have been blessed many times over by your concern, care and friendship. Thanks so much for being such great customers and friends! This is the last week that the Farmers' Market in Franklin will be open for the 2006 season. We hope you all have a wonderful winter and spring!

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Picture of the Week
Our picture of the week is of our old oak barn in the early morning fog. As mentioned above, I am addicted to capturing this structure in all seasons and lights. To see this week's picture of the week, please follow the following link.

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When placing an order, you have two pickup options. You can choose to pickup on the Farm on Thursday October 26th or at the Franklin Farmers' Market on October 28th. To place an order for pickup at the farm, please visit our website and have your order in by Wednesday night at 8pm. Orders to be picked up at the Factory need to be in by Thursday evenings. Thanks!

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