Hello Farm Friends,

It seems that Jim and I have been given Indian names. I knew that if I were ever to be given an Indian name it certainly would not be "Graceful Doe" or something majestic like that, it would probably be something more along the lines of "Clumsy Mule" or "Grey Rock"…yes those seem to suit me better! Haha! However, when our 2 yr old son bestowed our latest names on us I had to chuckle…you see we are affectionately known as "Mommietotecha" and "Daddietotecha". Yes those are the names our son, "Tired Feet", gives us when he wants a lift…which seems to be very often these days. I just don't get it. Seems to me that he spent over a year of his life mastering the walking thing and now he wants to be "toted". Guess he misses the Papoose days! Seriously though, things are great here on the farm and I have lots to catch you up on, so here we go…

Most of you are familiar with hearing about Emma, the Jersey cow that we have raised from a baby calf. Well, time flies and she just calved and gave us a cute little red bull calf that we are calling "Red Fred". Dylem wanted to call her "Red", but we already have a "Red", so we had to embellish a bit more. Emma is familiar, but her sister, Anna is new to the farm. We purchased Anna about 2 weeks ago. She is Emma's sister and looks so much like her! They both have the white star on their forehead and the same white patch on their hind leg. Emma is a bit darker than Anna, but otherwise you can't tell them apart! It is nice to have them both here. Anna came from a traditional dairy, where all they have is cows, so her first few days here were a bit like one of us landing on Mars. She didn't know what the dogs were or why they barked, no clue about chickens or sheep. She pretty much just wandered around our farm trying to make sense of it all. She is now a bit more settled and happy and we love having her here. The hoop-houses are doing great and the winter CSA is going well. It has been a very good and positive change for our family. This past week we purchased 18,000 ladybugs to help patrol the hoops in search of aphids. I just love going down there and seeing them do their jobs…and it keeps us from spraying which I am happy about too! The beef calves are doing well. We just purchased 16 more from Jim's parents, so our herd now totals 32. Once again, we were totally impressed with this calf crop from "Dave", our South Poll bull. He has really been just what we needed to scale down the frame size of the Angus cows to something more easily grass finished. The Beef for 2007 looks great! This week we plan to turn the 100+ baby chicks out of the brooder and into their own hen house which is a huge milestone for the little guys who right now are in that funky looking adolescent stage. Hmm, well I guess you are now officially caught up. I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families in the coming week. We plan to stay in touch this winter, every two weeks via email, so keep looking for us in your inbox! Have a super week!

Picture of the Week

Emma, our Jersey cow, made a little red contribution to the farm this past Sunday morning. He is a little red bull calf that we are affectionately calling "Red Fred". So far mom and son are doing great! To see this week's farm photo please click on

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