Beginning to feel like December

Hello Farm Friends,

December, wow! December! In my head I generally know that it comes right after Thanksgiving, but somehow I am never quite ready for it when it arrives. Lots of things happen in the month of December and it seems short with the holidays even though it is still 31 days long. Things are good here at the farm. Red Fred is growing like a weed and is curious about everything…especially our cat Trouble. As if Trouble did not have enough things to worry about in life (the dogs chasing him, Dylem chasing him, the sheep chasing him) now Red Fred has decided to stalk the cat too. The cat always heads for the feed room only to find Dylem playing in there at chore time. The cat quickly decides not to enter and spends the rest of chore time hiding under the big chick brooder just waiting for us all to leave so he can have a little bit of peace. As I secretly think the cat likes the attention from Dylem, I think he likes Red Fred too. What else is there for a cat to do around here but sleep and look for mice. Red Fred is just a bit of spark to each new day! Speaking of spark…Red Fred has kindled the mothering spark in Anna, our other Jersey cow, who is not his mother. It used to be that Anna would lick Red Fred as he was nursing Emma, but now it is Emma who licks him as he nurses Anna. And Anna is the one who makes sure of Red Fred's whereabouts when he goes a little bit too far and she makes sure she is next to him at nap time etc etc. Honestly Emma seems thankful for the extra help as she goes off to eat grass by herself and sleep maybe a little bit more than if Anna were not around. When we bought Anna, the dairy farmer told us that she would raise abandoned calves if we needed her to…we just didn't know she would raise calves that were not abandoned too! Dylem and I plan to tackle decorating the Christmas Tree this week and I am planning out my strategy. Do you put the good ornaments up high or does that make them more likely to break when the whole tree comes crashing down? Haha! We have not had a tree since Dylem was born. At age 2 1/2, I know he will enjoy it, I just hope he can respect it…just a little bit…maybe…for a week or so? Seriously, all of us at Rocky Glade Farm wish you and your family a "Happy Getting Ready for Christmas"…may you enjoy all of the wonderful activities of Christmas, eat some great food, and spend some much welcomed time with your family and friends. May this Christmas season be quiet enough that you think of Jesus each day and thank Him for all of the blessings in your life.

Picture of the Week
Take a look at our farm from the air! This aerial photo was made this summer. Our farm is split by a road, so this photo only covers half of it, but it is still pretty cool! The first thing I noticed when I saw it was all of the ROCKS! Thus the name "Rocky Glade" I suppose! To see the photo of the week please follow this link

Custom Beef 2007
We will be emailing and giving more details about our custom beef in January and February of 2007. We will begin taking deposits then as well.

Farm Update
The CSA is going well and things are moving right along through the winter season. We have been so busy that it still doesn't feel like the off-season, but then it hardly ever does. Seed catalogs have started to arrive and we are browsing, though it seems so early! Hard to believe in another month little tomatoes will spring to life in the greenhouse!

Have a great week and a great Christmas Season!

Jim, Julie and Dylem Vaughn
Rocky Glade Farm
2397 Rocky Glade Road
Eagleville, Tn 37060

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