Happy New Year...country style

Hello Farm Friends,

Happy New Year! Jim and I were not planning on ringing in the New Year, but things have a way of just happening spontaneously around here. At approximately 12:01 I heard a mass of dogs barking and reluctantly began to rise from slumber. Jim and I both ran to the window but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary in our pastures. At approximately 12:03 we heard a huge thud. Something was exploding! More dogs and this time the donkeys from miles around got in on the noisy New Year. At approximately 12:04 something clicked in my brain and said…OH, someone is shooting fireworks…ah Happy New Year and I went back to bed to the sounds of the bull bellowing, dogs barking and donkeys braying. New Year's in the country…hopefully it does get better than that"haha!

My mind always seems to naturally reflect back on the year we are leaving this time of the year and I have to say that there are not many years that I am happy to be leaving behind, but 2006 would definitely be one of those. It seems 2006 was a year of huge challenges to our faith, family, farm and future and well, I am just happy to be where we are right now coming out of it. It is very true that sometimes when you are IN the struggle you don't know where God is in it all, but looking back at some things and knowing where my heart is now, I know He was right beside us all along leading us into a deeper and more trusting relationship with Him. I am looking forward to 2007, to a fresh start, new challenges and new blessings. The one thing I will carry forward out of 2006 is the need and determination to trust God fully in 2007.

Things on the farm are good. It is seed ordering time. That beautiful time of the year when EVERYTHING is possible! All of the varieties in the catalogs look great and disease free and well, you just imagine yourself growing them just the way they are in the book. We are trying a few new things, but mostly sticking with what went over the best last year as we tried many new things in 2006. Personally I am ready again for a good tomato. Only 5 more months! Haha! The Winter CSA is going well and most of the veggies are growing well in the hoophouses. Our little pullets that will start laying in April-May are finally big enough to start going outside during the day and they are real adventurers. We knew any little chicks that survived what they went through on their travels here would be hardy, but we had no idea how aggressive these guys would be. We will be getting out our 2007 Freezer Beef info in February for those of you who are interested.

May God fully bless you in 2007…and may you have a good first week of the new year!

Picture of the Week
This is Pup-pup...one of our Great Pyrenees Guardian Dogs. After surviving the puppy years with him, he is now our very best guardian and friend. To see this week's farm photo please click on www.rockygladefarm.com/photos.php

Happy New Year!


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