Memories of THE farm

Hello Farm Friends,

Most people alive today have very fond memories of their grandparents and for most, their memories involve their grandparent's farm. I am no different. It seems that all my life my Pappaw has been a farmer and I know he still is in his 80 plus year old sort of way. He had his routine of coming and going before I even got up. I could check the porch for his boots and know whether he was around the house or was out on the farm working. My Mammaw was a wonderful farm wife and grandmother. She could cook like nothing I had ever tasted before and always had some kind of treat for me like Raspberry Jelly or fresh strawberries from her garden. If there ever was or ever will be one place on this earth that I will forever call "home" it is my grandparents farm in Riceville, Tennessee. This wasn't their original farm. It wasn't even their second farm. Two times in their lives they had to pickup and move the farm for reasons beyond their comprehension. Both times they bounced back and finally settled on the sweet little farm in Riceville. For me, their farm is more than a place, a tract of land, a house and outbuildings…it is full of memories. I am sure that to anyone else's eye the farm would not be special, but you add the physical buildings to my memories and in my eyes the entire place is magical…everything there means something to me in a remembering sort of way.

During a recent visit my Pappaw expressed his desire and readiness to be with the Lord, to move on to Heaven…"After all", he said, "Mammaw" is waiting. Then he asked me to think about if there was anything I wanted to take home with me.
I have thought long and hard about "what" I could bring home with me that would forever represent to me the love I feel when I think about my grandparents.

I thought about asking for a piece of string and a whittling stick to remind me of the nights Mammaw and I spent outside in the summer catching June bugs and tying string to their legs all while Pappaw watched and whittled his cedar stick. I thought about asking for the cane fishing poles I used to go fishing in the creek with my bologna bait and hoping I didn't catch anything unless Pappaw was around to take it off the hook. I thought about asking for a little baby potato to remind me of the endless gag I thought I was pulling on Pappaw at suppertime (I thought he would think it was a tomato and bite into it…he never fell for it, but always laughed, and I never tired of trying). I thought about asking for Hee-Haw on DVD to remind me of the Saturday nights that I would spend with them watching Hee-Haw on TV after my bath while Mammaw was ever so gently trying to untangle my ever so tender wet head of hair. And the list could go on and on….

Seriously, I have thought long and hard about a "thing" that would sum up my relationship with these two precious folks and have decided it just can't be done. Thankfully I don't need a "thing", both Mammaw and Pappaw have invested enough time and love in me that their memories will forever live within my heart…until I am called to the Lord…after all, I know they both will be waiting someday.

May you each be blessed this week and invest time and energy in the "things" that last forever!

Picture of the Week
Since we grow vegetables all year long we don't really have an "off" season, but the winter definitely offers more time to slow down a bit. Dylem and I like to make things in the kitchen…especially things that uses the mixer…and things that are chocolate! Haha! To see this week's farm photo please click on

Farm Update
Tomatoes and Pepper seeds have been started and have poked their little green heads up out of the soil. The sheep are getting bigger as their lambs really start growing inside of them right now and everything else is going well on the farm. Hope you and your family are off to a great start in 2007!


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