When will it be spring?

Hello Farm Friends,

Hope this finds you all staying warm and getting ready for the next cold front! YIKES…is it just me, or are we all ready for some warmer weather? Recently I checked out a book for Dylem at the library titled "When Will It Be Spring?". In the book there is a little bear named Alfie that is supposed to be hibernating, but he keeps waking his mom up telling her it is spring. He thinks it is spring because he sees icicles and leaves and thinks they are robins. He sees a hunter's fire and thinks it is the sunshine etc. His mom is finally so tired that when it really is spring she doesn't believe him, but she finally trudges out to find it really is spring, but Alfie has gone back to sleep under a tree.

I guess in many ways I am like Alfie this year. I see Robins and think…SPRING. I see just tiny little bits of grass greening up and think…MAYBE! But then I look at my garlic, all flattened against the straw cover and think…NOT YET. When the garlic begins to stand up and stays standing…yes it is truly spring around here…until then I am like Alfie just crying wolf to myself, but you know…sometimes that helps!

Hope you are all enjoying winter and looking forward to Spring's arrival when it truly does indeed decide to arrive…I, by the way, will be happy with any previews Mother Nature would like to give us! Haha!

Picture of the Week
Like most folks, we got a bit of snow over the last two weeks. It was enough for Dylem to "make tracks in" and he loved that part of it, but really didn't enjoy handling it too much"go figure? In this picture you can see some of our cows eating hay at the hay ring. On my "probably not funny to anyone else but me" side…I like to think this is a perfect picture for those of you who are purchasing half a cow from us…get it…half a cow? I know, I am cheesy! To see this week's photo, please click on the following link. www.rockygladefarm.com/photos.php

Rocky Glade Custom Beef...
All of our Beef for 2007 is spoken for. Thanks so much for your interest.

Have a super week!

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