The best lesson from life

Hello Farm Friends,
Well, it can only be Tennessee…where you go from 30 degree weather to the 90s in less than 30 days! Of course I love it! It is just that my body would prefer a more gradual increase! The pastures are greening up and our beef calves love the new spring grasses that they have to munch on now. The hens are producing lots of nice brown eggs, lambs are here, and the garlic is growing…indeed it must be spring! I want to believe that with all of my heart and yet experience has taught me too well that a late frost could still creep in during the month of April. Experience is a good teacher and I am thankful for everything she has taught me (the hard way and the not so hard too!), but sometimes I just can't help but envy my almost 3 year old. Every night he asks…"When we wake up, maybe we will…" just waiting for me to fill in the details of the next day. It doesn't matter what we do (ok with the exception of nap time) he is always ready and so excited to experience it. He really has no concept that things might not turn out FUN and for that I am thankful. Time will teach him all he needs to know about the not so fun things in life, but in the meantime he is living it up…and as his mom I am trying to remember to do the same thing. What a beautiful time of life that Jim and I are in when we get a daily verbal and physical reminder to look at the birds, tell the worms in the ground a story as we put them back, pick up rocks and weeds and all sorts of other things that without my little guy would go unnoticed by me daily. I am not saying it is easy at all. My little guy wears me completely out with questions about things and his desire to explore everything to the max! I am not saying I do a great job either. I lose my patience and the desire to get things accomplished causes me to be sharper with him than I desire to be at times. It is in those moments that I see God's grace in a tangible way. I ask for Dylem's forgiveness, explain how I was wrong and guess what? I receive his forgiveness, sometimes with a little hug attached and life goes on. It is the same way with our heavenly Father. Sometimes I stumble in my relationship with Him, but each time I ask for forgiveness I receive it…and that could be the best lesson in life that I have ever learned! Here's hoping you and your family have a truly wonderful Easter season! I hope the egg hunts are wonderful and family is plentiful and that above all you will have a renewed sense of the peace God brought us through His Son dying on the Cross for us. Much love to you all and have a Happy Spring!


Ready to Lay Pullets for Sale
Indeed it must be spring around here, for our baby chickens are beginning to lay eggs. If you are interested in increasing, replenishing or starting your own backyard egg laying flock please contact us. They are beautiful Red Star Pullets (red sex link hens) and are $10.00 each. They have been raised by us on the farm since October 2006.

New Website Changes!
Our wonderful and very talented website designer (totally NOT ME!) has recently finished up on some web changes which include new farm pictures as headers and a farm life blog. The website more clearly represents the changes we have made to the farm and should offer more concise information. In addition to the added info, I will TRY to update a new page which we call our "farm life blog"…I see this as being more about what is going on with our family on the farm than business related stuff. If it truly reflects our life it will contain funny stories of things happening around here and the happy and sad of a real family trying to farm. I hope you enjoy and we welcome your comments!

May is the month!
Many of you have asked when we will have veggies available to purchase from the farm. It is looking like sometime in May we will begin to offer items for sale that you can order via website and pickup on the farm. We will begin attending the Franklin Farmers' Market in June even though it opens the first Saturday in May.

Picture of the Week
Almost all of our baby lambs have safely arrived. Many of them are getting old enough to run around and play causing much distress to their moms when they cannot find their babies…and I must say I have a new understanding of what the mother ewes are going through as my own little lamb gains exploring confidence around the farm!

To see this week's photo, please click on the following link.

Have a super week!

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