My rear view mirror

Do you think much about the view in your rear view mirror? I don't really unless I see someone driving and applying makeup at the same time, or when I glance in the mirror and see a big 18 wheeler bearing down on my bumper, but as we have geared up for spring on the farm over the past couple of weeks I can't help but notice what is in my rear view. Now I don't expect you to get as sentimental about it as I am…but it has occurred to me that my view is something special that I need to imprint in my mind so I will recall it 40 years from now and smile.
As of late we have been fencing and planting, moving cows and doing all sorts of general farm work that requires the use of our farm truck. Dylem's favorite place to ride right now is the tailgate. Jim will hop on with him and away we all will go with me chauffeuring to the next work station. By way of mother's instinct I guess I always look in my rear view mirror to make sure my precious cargo is safely seated and not too close to the edge, but in general I always get more than a safety check with my look back. For instance, last week when I looked back I saw my 2.5 year old take hold of his Daddy's hand as we bustled down the driveway. For my little MR. INDEPENDENT to do this was huge in my book. I can always see the two of them talking about "what this is and how does that work and maybe when we get done we will"…It just touches me to see the two of them back there together talking about "stuff". My mind kind of does one of those fast forward things and I think maybe someday I will look back there and see a Dad giving his son a clap on the back after a hard day of hay hauling, or maybe see a son giving "his old man" a hard time over something that happened that day in the field. The little one inside kicks my ribs to remind me that someday soon there will be three men I will be hauling around which opens up the possibility for me to look back and see two brothers joking about a girl, or something silly just between the two of them.
It is in these brief, special moments of life that I feel like I am really living, that it is worth the answering of a thousand questions a day and numerous nighttime calls…because one day I will look back and my tailgate will be empty, but my heart will be full.
Have a super week!


RGF Open House
After much discussion Jim and I have decided to take 2007 off from our Farm Open House. We generally open up the farm in mid spring for you to come meet all of our farm critters and see where your food comes from, but this year it is just not going to be possible. There are many reasons, but it simply comes down to one major theme…we just don't have enough time or energy this year…and we have a lot ahead of us this summer too. We hope you will understand and we will try and make it up to you at the 2008 open house! Thanks for your understanding!

May is the month!
Many of you have asked when we will have veggies available to purchase from the farm. It is looking like sometime in May we will begin to offer items for sale that you can order via website and pickup on the farm. We will begin attending the Franklin Farmers' Market in June even though it opens the first Saturday in May. We will notify you by email when the website is ready to begin receiving orders on the "Market" page.

Picture of the Week
The Garden Across the Road has been worked up and planted…though we won't know how much survived the frost for a couple more days! I think it is a beautiful site to see the dark brown against the bright green!

To see this week's photo, please click on the following link.

Have a super week!

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