Hello Farm Friends,

Sorry this is late this week…We needed to get things planted on Monday and I never made it back to the computer!

PEOPLE…you love them, they get on your nerves…they bless you and they can hurt you, but still where would we be with out FOLK? Over the past few weeks I have had interactions with several people and even more conversations with people about other people. You know what? Almost all of it was good!

A few weeks ago as we were anticipating some customers to drop by to purchase some laying hens, our dog began to bark. I didn't pay much attention to it as Jim is the resident chicken catcher and he usually handles all of our laying hen sales. I was working in the greenhouse when he called my name to come say hi to some folks…when I popped around the corner I saw two people I had not seen in almost 9 years. Now I will have to be honest, my mind tends to run on only one little road. If we were expecting chicken customers then these had to be our chicken customers. Somehow it took the neurons in my head a few minutes to rule out that these sweet folks from East Tn were not here to buy chickens, but to visit with us! I had not seen these folks since my wedding day almost 9 years ago! The Joslin's are the parents to my very first college roommate at MTSU. Both she and her parents were an integral part of me staying sane away from home that first year. Julie (their daughter and my roomie) and I went through a lot that year and it was so comforting to have someone so much like me to room with. We went to church together and she helped me adjust to college life at a pace I could handle. She even buttoned my pants for me when I broke my wrist playing basketball…now that is a real friend! Each time her parents came to visit everyone was excited…Daddy Joslin would always fix whatever needed fixing and give you big hugs and Momma Joslin would always bring a treat (my personal favorite was the Christmas Chex Mix…man, was that like a taste of home for me!), listen to your concerns and end it with a huge old hug. All of us that roomed together were sad to see the Joslins go. These folks know how to make a person feel special. I can still remember seeing them at my wedding reception and thinking how thoughtful it was that they drove all that way just for the wedding, and then again a few weeks ago I felt more special inside that they would come up here to visit our farm and family than I had felt in a very long time.

Several other conversations I have had with friends over the last few weeks have encouraged me even further in the human race. Ordinary people are out there everyday making a difference in other's lives. I don't' just mean those who do it professionally…I mean those who just DO IT! Maybe you take a walk and let someone air out their feelings, maybe you call up a friend you haven't talked to in a while, maybe you pick up something for the mom in the grocery store who looks like she is about to go nuts. I have had close friends make me feel special and I have had complete strangers make me feel like they really cared about me. It doesn't matter how well you know people, just that you care enough to think about someone else a little bit every once in a while.

Our pastor says that God can speak to us audibly in life, but most of the time He chooses to speak to us through PEOPLE. I know for a fact that God has spoken to me most often in life through regular ordinary people…just like He did a few weeks ago!


Franklin Farmers' Market Opens May 5!!!
The Farmers' Market in Franklin will open Saturday May 5th from 8am until 12pm. This is the opening weekend, but already I have heard talk of strawberries being available and of course lots of fresh lettuces, greens and other spring veggies! Rocky Glade will not be there until the first of June most likely, but we hope you all have a wonderful first day! The market is located behind the Factory in Franklin just off Liberty Pike. For directions please visit our website and click on the contact us page.

Picture of the Week
Finally the cold broke and rain ended and we were able to get into the garden to plant our big tomato crop, okra, squash, green beans and purple hull peas! I can't wait to see those tomatoes ripen up! Dylem and I rode the transplanter while Jim drove the tractor. Dylem was in charge of the water as mom dropped the plants in the ground…sometimes it amazes me what a good helper he is…and sometimes well…you know! Haha!

To see this week's photo, please click on the following link.

Have a super week!

Jim, Julie and Dylem Vaughn
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