Strawberry Month

Hello Farm Friends,

How is May treating you? For farmers it is a mixed blessing this year. We of course enjoy the cooler mornings to work outside and the warmer afternoons to help the plants grow. Some farmers who would normally have a bounty of produce this time of year just don't have it. That killing 3-4 day frost in April was just too much to overcome and their offerings are very slim right now. Most of our farmer friends who grow berries are just happy to have anything red on their vines and consider the season a near loss as their berry numbers at what should be their peak time of season are much like the very end of the season. Farming is a risky business just like most other jobs I know of. I always have to chuckle when someone will say that Jim and I (and other farmers for that matter) lead a stress free, beautiful, peaceful life. We do have all of that from time to time, but we are not immune to the stress that nature, the economy, and life in general can bring to life. This May, please be patient with your farmers and understand that the offerings may be slim for a few more weeks until nature has helped us recover from the very late cold snap this spring.

We went to pick strawberries yesterday at our friends in Wartrace at Valley Home Farm. The damage to their berries was obvious, but they did have enough for us to fill our baskets. It was the second year that Dylem has picked, but the first year he really got into it, looking for the unusual shaped red ones. We had some fresh berries with breakfast this morning and the first thing that came to my mind was my Mam-maw. For some reason when I think of berries I think of her and when I think of her, berries just naturally come to mind. When I was a little girl she had a berry patch that I would run back and forth to from the house. Mam-maw would set me up at the table with a big bowl of berries and sugar to dip them in (as if they were not sweet enough haha!). Later on in life I came to appreciate her strawberry preserves and she would send me a big bowl of them to college to get me through the final few weeks of school. At some point this week, I will make some preserves and jam and freeze some berries for later use and in doing so my mind will be filled with thoughts of Mam-maw and that is one of the sweetest things about the month of May that I can think of!!!

I hope you all have a blessed beginning to May!

On Farm Pickup
It looks like it will be the first week of June before we have enough produce to offer on farm pickup. Nevertheless, here is how it will work. I will send out an email at the beginning of each week with a link to our market page on the website. You can visit our website and see what is available and place your order for pickup on the farm. Sorry, but this summer we will not be taking "preorders" for the Franklin Market. It looks like Thursday nights from 3-6pm will be our pickup window here at the farm. Again, I will let you know as we get closer to the end of May what our first night open will be.

Franklin Farmers' Market Opened May 5!!!
The Farmers' Market in Franklin opened last Saturday. The hours of operation are from 8am until 12pm. The market is located behind the Factory in Franklin just off Liberty Pike. For directions please visit our website and click on the contact us page. I have heard that they are having very special Mother's Day activities this weekend!

Picture of the Week
Farmer D cheeses by the plants we transplanted a few weeks ago. He is quite the little man now wanting to help with everything…especially if you can use a tool to accomplish the job!

To see this week's photo, please click on the following link.

Have a super week!

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