Memorial Day

I was fortunate to be born in a peaceful time, or at least my first recollection of the world was that we were at peace. Ronald Regan was the first president I remember being our leader. I remember talks about Cold War and Star Wars and the threat of communism, but it all seemed to be talk and nothing more. In my childish opinion, no one attacked the United States because they were afraid of us. We were a super power and no one dared to test us…but you know, that was all just a child-like take on the world.

Truth be told no one nation is invincible. What gives others the impression that the United States is a super power is not our president alone, and certainly not our form of government by itself. I believe that when other people groups and nations view the United States they see Unity, Strength and the passion to defend Freedom…and they see that by viewing the willingness of our men and women of the armed forces. For most of our nation's history people have not been forced, they have chosen to serve our country.

I am so thankful for those who have been called to serve our country. The ones fighting for my freedom and the future peace of my children are fathers and mothers themselves, they are other people's children, and they are grandparents too. All of them are willing to put at risk those relationships in order to stand up for the safety of our nation. It doesn't matter if you agree with the "policy of war" or not…all that matters is that you take a few minutes to really think about the sacrifice our servicemen and women give each day. Put yourself in their shoes and take a hard look at yourself to see if you would be willing to give what they have already given and continue to give.

Recently a Murfreesboro photographer captured a priceless moment at the funeral of a fallen soldier. In the photo, a Marine is handing the soldier's nine year old son the folded American flag from his father's coffin. The little boy has chosen to stand up to receive his father's flag instead of remaining seated at the graveside. He is trying to be brave. You can tell that tears have been flowing down his cheeks, but for this one important moment he is standing tall, not allowing himself to cry. For me, this is Memorial Day. A day to remember that the numbers I hear falling each day in combat on the radio are other people's fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. I hope I can make Memorial Day a part of each day of my life and remember to pray for our brave soldiers serving our country and their brave little soldiers at home too.

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