July gets even better...

Hello Farm Friends,

Sorry there was not an email last week. Yes we did have the baby, but that is not the reason the email wasn't in your inbox bright and early Monday. We had computer problems beginning over the weekend and were unable to fix them in order to send the weekly farm news…and then on Tuesday July 3rd, well God had big plans for us that day as we welcomed our newest farm hand, Caleb James into our family. The rest of the week was a blur as we drove home from the hospital to many firework displays on the night of the 4th. Jim stayed busy harvesting for the market with our crew of wonderful kids Thursday and Friday and our computer was (hopefully) restored by some sweet ladies from Dell late Friday afternoon. Blurry and busy and definitely blessed…that sums up our lives at this point. Stay tuned…I am sure things are bound to stay interesting. Have a great week.

This week's specials…

Canning Tomatoes are available for 10.00 for a 20 lb box. There is a 2.00 deposit on the box which will be refunded when the box is returned. Canning tomatoes are available for pickup here at the farm on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons as well as at the market on Saturday. Please let us know if you are interested.

Potato Diggers Special
We are offering 10 pound quantities of our Yukon Gold or Red Pontiac Potatoes for .50 cents a pound this week!

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