changing plots

Hello Farm Friends,

Dylem and I survived our first morning back at chores without incident this morning, so today has started off good! Caleb slept the whole time which helped out a whole lot! Things on the farm just keep ticking along as our field tomatoes are in and are oh so tasty! We hope you are enjoying them as much as we are! Our first garden plot is almost finished and the second garden plot is in full bloom with more beans, purple hull peas, squash and other veggies almost ready to harvest. Ellie is having a hard time learning to stay with the sheep…she would much rather guard the transplanter, or better yet the dirt underneath the transplanter where it is very cool. That is where she likes to spend her days this summer. Arthur the cat is still as active as ever, but hasn't been seen climbing trees lately. Perhaps he did learn a little something from his previous tree climbing adventure. Hope you all have a super week.

On Farm Pickup
This Thursday night, July 19th from 3-6pm will be open for On-Farm Pickup. To order, just visit our website at and scroll down through the items available, click your choices and submit your order. Then all you have to do is pickup your order here at the farm on Thursday night. Once we receive your order, we will send you an order confirmation via email. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Franklin Farmers' Market
Rocky Glade Farm will be at the market this coming Saturday, July 21st. The hours of operation for the market are from 8-12. We will not be taking pre-orders for the market this year. We look forward to seeing you all there this Saturday!

Picture of the Week
This will be a week to review your favorite photos as I have not had a chance to get around to making any new farm photos this past week…sorry, I'll try to do better next week. To see this week's photo, please click on the following link.

Have a super week!

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