Morning Chores

Hello Farm Friends,

Mornings around here are quite fun these days since until the time changes chores are done in the dark hours of the morning. It all starts off with a trip to the chicken house to open the nest boxes for the girls so they can begin their day. These are the most timely hens we have ever had. It is commonplace for them all to have laid their eggs by 11:00 am. Hens that we have had in the past were on their own schedule taking all day for everyone to accomplish egg laying. Next we are off to the barn to put out the dog food and cat food. The cat food is the craziest part. We now have three cats. Trouble has been here forever it seems and kind of takes offense that we have other kitties around now, so he usually shows up to eat after the other cats have eaten, but Arthur the kitten is at your heels the moment you walk out the door and springs up on the freezer (an old unplugged one used for storing feed and such) the second the food hits the bowl. Right after the food hits the bowl a loud THUMP hits the freezer top and you know without looking it is Tigger, the cat that chooses to be ours from time to time. He is the heaviest cat and also the most likely to go missing for several weeks at a time since he is still intact! Last winter we laughed because Tigger would ONLY show up on our porch on CSA pickup weekends…it was like he knew there would be people coming by that would feel sorry for him and want to pet him. I always wondered how he kept track of whether it was a CSA weekend or not? Then on to feed the dogs, Ellie and Pup-Pup (Houdini) their food. These two are a howl because the big dog would rather eat the puppy food and the puppy would rather eat the big dog food. Somehow it all gets worked out and they all get fed while we are milking Emma. After milking we head to the greenhouse to clean up and then into our house for a quick bite to eat. Since it is still HOT outside breakfast is rather simple, but hopefully the weather will break at some point and longer, slower breakfasts will be the norm. I thought Fall was in the air, but I must have been mistaken…my fear now is that we will go straight from 90 degree weather to 40 degree weather and it will be such a shock to all of our systems! Hope everyone is well and having a good September…October is just around the corner!

Much love

Winter CSA
Our winter CSA is officially full for 2007-08. We have plans (and hopes and dreams) to add two more hoophouses this coming summer/fall in order to be able to increase our shares available for 2008-09.

Picture of the Week
Binky is our newest farm addition. He is a fully registered Kathadin Ram, who is quite nicely tempered! To see this week's photo, please click on the following link.

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