Angels for Mommy

Hello Farm Friends,

God must surely know that this mommy needs a little (okay a lot) of encouragement because he is enlisting his angels to speak to me again. These angels are humans who just seem to have the perfect word that my heart and ears need to hear at the right time. The first angel visited me a couple of weeks ago in the church parking lot. The church we attend is quite big, so rarely do I know anyone who parks in the same time zone that I do, however this day a man with different skin color than myself began to approach me. Going into Momma Watch Dog mode I got out, but didn't open the doors for the kids. The man came over to me and said..."Your boys will remember this, you bringing them to church. I can still remember Momma and Daddy taking me. It is important work that you are doing." I told him thank you for those words that it had been a morning where it would have been easier to have stayed home than it was to get ready and out for church. He walked on into church and I began to think. did he know I had a boy...much less BOYS! I didn't open the doors and the windows are dark on the back seats...only explanation in my book is that he was an angel...
The second angelic visit came from heaven on earth "Cracker Barrel". All four of us were eating breakfast in a different town on our way to an auction. Caleb was kind of fussy and Dylem was wiggly. I was trying to be patient. This lady kept staring at us and i kept thinking...uhhh we are totally destroying her breakfast. In a while, she walked over to me and said, "Both of your boys are beautiful and you are such a lovely mother. You all are just beautiful. What you are doing is important work." and then she left.

So what does God want me to hear? I think the last line of both folks says it all. "What you are doing is important work". So take heart those of you with little ones or big ones or those caring for aging parents. What you are doing is important. I also think God wants me to be an angel too and let other folks know what a great job they are doing. When I feel that tug on my heart to tell someone I don't know someting special...I hope I will speak up and not be shy. Maybe I can touch someone else's life like these two folks touched mine.

Photo of the Week

It is raining today slow and steady and well...that is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Things are going pretty well on the farm. Back in the winter Jim artificially inseminated our best heifer "Red" with a really good South Poll bull. Our vet came to pregnancy check her and did an ultrasound where she said she thought we would have a girl. We were really really hoping for a he would be the next herd bull and we could save thousands of dollars by breeding our own instead of buying a new bull when we needed one. Well, last week Red had her baby almost 2 weeks overdue...and it was a BOY! We are overjoyed...they are both doing well and we have named the baby Rojo.

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