Hello there December!

Hello Farm Friends,
Happy December! Ahh December… the month that flies by for some big folks and crawls by like a snail for little ones. I can remember as a child it seemed to take forever for the calendar to say it was time for Christmas. Now it seems to almost sneak up on me…am I ready, do I have everything perfect for everyone? Hmm…NOPE, then enters stress and anxiety closely followed by a good case of "who cares anyway?"

WAIT A MINUTE, this is not what Christmas is supposed to be about and in a bigger picture, this is not what LIFE is supposed to be like either!

Sure life is hectic and I cannot change that part. Two boys, a husband and a farm plus other life events that I must tend to of course keep me busy, but as of late something has gone badly wrong with my attitude. Instead of being grateful that I have those things to do, love and look after I was seeing it all as a burden…a very heavy burden.

There is a song that says "turning molehills into mountains, making big deals out of small ones, bearing gifts as if they are burdens…this is how is has been"
And so this is how it has been in my life for a few months I think (I can never quite pinpoint when this attitude starts up…it just sort of seeps into life unnoticed).

The real problem I discovered is that I was trying to carry all of this burden ALONE, as in not sharing my daily life (good and bad) with God. I had convinced myself that I could handle everything all on my own (now would everyone please stand back and get out of my way!!!) Truth is…I cannot do it. Never have been able to and never will be able to. Life for me goes so much more smoothly when I am reminded that I am NOT in control.

Recently, I asked a friend what I (emphasis on the I) should be doing to cultivate a love of God in my children. She gave me some good resources and ideas, but closed with this thought which has stuck with me…"The main thing is to realize that you are not in control…" WOW, how freeing and how simple!

Yes I need to try as hard as I can in life to take care of my family and life duties, but then again I need to realize it is not all up to me either!

I thank God for his wisdom, and I thank Him deeply for the wonderful friends he has surrounded me with. Over the past few months many of you have listened to me, prayed for me and took my burdens as your own and I deeply thank you for that…I will never forget it!

That is the really neat thing about this farm that God has entrusted us with…our beginning mission statement was to farm in a way that we could provide for our family and bless others at the same time. I never would have guessed that God would use our customers to lift us up and carry us when we most needed it. Thank you all for your support over the past few years from the TVA crisis, to the terrible drought, birth of our children (and all the sweet gifts and meals you provided!) and all the changes that have taken place in our farm and business over the years, YOU, our customers have been rock solid and a real blessing to us!

Thank you deeply from our hearts…and may we all take it a bit easier and actually enjoy the Christmas season and celebrate the birth of our Lord. Have a wonderful week!


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