A New Year for Growing...everywhere

Hello Farm Friends,
Well, ready or not 2008 is here and kicking! What lies ahead for each of us in 2008? No one knows, but at the beginning of every year I find my optimism running high. I think of all the things we have planned and ahead of us and I can't help but smile to think about how it all could turn out so lovely. In reality, the year never quite unfolds exactly as I imagine it might, but yet there is still plenty at the end of the year to make me smile, some to make me cry and some to just plain keep me guessing as to why that happened in the first place!

Hopefully this year the rains will be plentiful, TVA will not come knocking on our door, the bugs will decide not to munch on our plants and we will have enough grass grow on our land to fatten our calves and fill our barns full of hay for the first time in several years! I know not all of those things will come true, but it is nice to think that here in January!

January 2008 brings seed starting time to our farm. Those little seeds are optimism in living form. All we do is pull them out of the packet, drop them in some dirt, add a little heat, faithful watering and God does the rest. If there was ever a life model of faith I think farming would be it. No matter how hard I try I can't MAKE things grow. I can do everything in my power to create the right conditions for growth, but I can't MAKE them pop out of their shell or bloom or produce fruit…trust me I would love to be able to do that, but I cannot. I think perhaps God had me become a farmer so I would get reminded of this almost everyday of my life…that I am NOT in control. I can make the conditions for the things I want to happen in life favorable, but I cannot MAKE things happen exactly as I want them to. Nowhere in my life is this more evident than with my children! I would love to be able to MAKE Dylem want to share and understand the importance of sharing with his now mobile little brother, but I simply cannot…I can only keep watering him with daily (sometimes hourly or more) reminders to be nice and share. It would fit my schedule so much better if I could just MAKE him!

I think for me 2008 is going to be a new year of watching new things grow in the garden, watching my children grow right before my eyes and God cultivating patience, peace and love in my own heart so that I can pass that on to my family. God can do anything, but He's got some rough soil to work with!

I wish each of you a very Happy New Year. May many blessings come your way this year!

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Thanks to a gift from Dylem's Uncle Scott he is a full fledged motorized farmer! Check out Dylem learning to drive!

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