April the Busy

Hello Farm Friends,

April is simply nothing more than just plain busy around the farm. The rain (ahh glorious rain!!) has brought on the green grass and the animals could not be happier after munching on dry hay all winter. The older ewes have all lambed. We ended up with two sets of TRIPLETS, a few twins and one single lamb. The young ewes should be ready to lamb any day now...so there are more babies on the way! After last summer's drought all of this green is just a sight to behold. I feel like we live in Ireland or something! Actually I have never been there, but I have never seen a picture of Ireland that it wasn't green! There is lots to tell you about, so please read on and enjoy these April showers...the May flowers should be a sight to behold after this month of moisture!

Rocky Glade Farm Day
Due to the severe drought last summer, Jim has had to pickup an extra 25-30 hrs a week of work off the farm in addition to his full time job. This has put us in a tight spot having little time to get ahead with spring work. For this reason we will not be able to host our annual farm day, but hopefully will make it up to you next year!

Franklin Farmers' Market
The Franklin Farmers' Market will open on Saturday May 3rd. The hours this season are 8am-1pm. A Food Court is in the works to provide late breakfast/lunch type fare as well as live music entertainment. At our last vendors meeting everyone was excited about getting the new season started. Hope to see you there!

Thursday Nights on the Farm
Beginning May 1st we will begin offering our Thursday night on farm pickup from 3-6 pm. The way this works is that you will receive an email on Monday giving you a link to our "market" page on our website where there will be pictures and prices of the items we have available that week. You simply place your order on line and pick it up on the farm on Thursday night! Please visit our market page for more details.

Simply Summer CSA
All of our CSA shares for 2008 are spoken for...thank you so much for your interest, business and friendship! If you signed up for the summer CSA, we begin distributing shares the FIRST week of JUNE! I will be sending out a very informative email later this month.

Farm Life Blog
Check out our farm life blog about everyday life here on the farm.
This week I wish I had my camera!
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
Baby lambs...need I say more? These guys are too cute!

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