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Hello Farm Friends,

It has been hard to come up with a good nickname for our little 9 month old Caleb. Something that Mommy will agree to him being called in public that doesn't have negative mood conotations and Daddy agreeing to someting catchy, and Dylem agreeing to him NOT being called "tractor". Leave it up to Caleb's brother Dylem to stumble on a pretty sweet name.

Caleb likes to bounce...a lot and so Dylem said he was bouncing like a kangaroo, but with Dylem's stuffy head it sounded like he said "Calebroo"...I loved it the first time I heard it, Jim laughed and Dylem couldn't understand why we didn't hear him say KANGAroo...I think we found a winner! Hey there Calebroo!

When I email you next Monday our on-line market will be open for Thursday night orders AND the Franklin Market will be open that Saturday as well. You can expect to find items like Kale, Lettuces, Carrots, and Beets among other produce items available from our farm next week. I can hardly believe it is time to GO, but indeed it almost is! I hope you are having a great spring and enjoying this fine weather!

Franklin Farmers' Market
The Franklin Farmers' Market will open on Saturday May 3rd. The hours this season are 8am-1pm. A Food Court is in the works to provide late breakfast/lunch type fare as well as live music entertainment. At our last vendors meeting everyone was excited about getting the new season started. Hope to see you there!

Thursday Nights on the Farm
Beginning May 1st we will begin offering our Thursday night on farm pickup from 3-6 pm. The way this works is that you will receive an email on Monday giving you a link to our "market" page on our website where there will be pictures and prices of the items we have available that week. You simply place your order on line and pick it up on the farm on Thursday night! Please visit our market page for more details.

Photo of the Week
Ghost House! Take a look at how the hoophouses looked last week during the two nights of frost.

To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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