Cultivator 101

Hello Farm Friends,

Welcome May! By the end of this week the month of May will have arrived. Does it seem like Winter crawls along and then Spring and Summer just fly by? I guess it seems that way to us due to the nature of our business and the fact that if we can be outside we usually are, which helps to make the days go by so much faster!

This winter, Jim has done what he could do in fits and starts to help make things run more smoothly on the farm, and one of them really paid off for me last week. I was cultivating our early crops across the road when all of a sudden I looked behind me and my back finger cultivator thing-a-ma-jig (proper term: three tine rear shank) had completely fallen off! Well, lucky me, my sweet hubby had just put a toolbox beneath the seat that contained the socket that I needed to tighten the bolt back up and get back in working condition. After I fixed that, I then hit a rock and my front spear cultivator thingy (proper term: shank) had come loose. So down I climbed to pop that back on. Jim had instructed me to just beat and bang it back into place if it broke and he would fix it better later! What a great guy! I can certainly beat and bang with the best of them…especially after this week of STILL not having a washing machine, but lucky for you I will spare you the details of that situation! One thing for sure…I have a great husband who tries hard to keep my life running smooth and making improvements to make things easier for me as much as he can. Boy does he have a long list, but he keeps plugging and every improvement is worth it! Now, if I can just remember the "proper" name for these tractor parts I am sure his job would be a lot easier!

Franklin Farmers' Market
The Franklin Farmers' Market will open this Saturday May 3rd. That is THIS SATURDAY! The hours this season are 8am-1pm. A Food Court is in the works to provide late breakfast/lunch type fare as well as live music entertainment. Rocky Glade Farm will be located in the same booth as last season #9 which is on the food court/music end of the market shed. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday Nights On-line Farm Market is now OPEN
Place your order on our Market Page Monday through Wednesday of this week and pickup your veggies at our farm on Thursday night from 3-6 pm. You simply place your order on line and pick it up on the farm on Thursday night! Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your order. Any questions? Feel free to email us.

Photo of the Week
Dylem picks up a chick with his sweet ride! Pictured taking a spin with Dylem is Alison Carey, who has been invaluable this winter helping to harvest, make CSA boxes and help Julie keep things going in general. You probably won't meet Alison at the market early this summer as she is leaving this week for Hawaii…yes we are all feeling very sorry for her as she embarks on this journey! Haha! I am still trying to figure out how to squeeze into her suitcase!

To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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