Chicken Revelation

Hello Farm Friends,

Do you ever wonder what the farm animals do when the farmers are away? I often think that they play a rousing game of "stupid animal tricks" or "truth or dare" while we are away. This past Saturday while we were at the market was no exception.

I have been leaving the market early with the boys in order to come home, do chores and get the boys settled in at home for the evening. When I pulled up in the drive I saw a chicken in our net fencing, just hanging there like it was perched sideways, sort of hanging upside down like. Oh boy I thought…here we go!! Upon closer examination I discovered that not only was this chicken stuck, all of her friends were pecking the heck out of her. Nothing like a good set of friends to beat you when you are down!

Fortunately, Caleb was asleep in the car, so I could turn my full attention to this crazy bird. I was afraid she was getting shocked until I realized that no…that wasn't it since she wasn't touching the ground she couldn't be getting shocked…she was just hanging on, not sure what to do next I suppose. Somehow she had put her head through the fence hole well enough that she was absolutely stuck…so I grabbed her tail feathers to keep her calm (no wait…the first thing I did was turn the fence off! So glad I remembered that step first!) and freed her head all the while saying to myself that surely once her head was free she would turn loose of the fence and fly off. Hmmm…no. The girl just hung on there looking at me. What was a farm girl to do, but give the hen a nice little launch with her shoe to make her let go of the fence!! She flapped her wings, hit the ground and started eating grass like absolutely nothing in this world had ever happened.

You know, these chickens always appear stupid to me…until I realize I am so like them it makes me ashamed. If there is one thing I struggle with in life it is letting go…of anything and everything. I try and try and keep trying to carry it ALL…all by myself thank you. What that looks like a lot of times is ME, holding on to the fence because I don't know what else to do all the while feeling like everyone is "pecking" on me when they are only trying to help. I get the feeling that if I let go of anything, let up in my work for anything the world will come crashing down. How absurd!

Even more absurd? It took a freeing a chicken on a very busy day for me to see the mirror image of myself that I was creating. Praise God for showing me once again through His creation what a dumb cluck I am sometimes!

To all the MOMS out there…Happy Belated Mother's Day. It is the hardest job in the world…but don't try to do it alone. Let God carry the burdens so your heart is lighter to recognize the joys! Life is hard…but fun too. Don't let life crowd out your LIFE (and yes…I am talking to myself here!)

God Bless You all!

Franklin Farmers' Market
The Franklin Farmers' Market will be open this Saturday from 8am until 1 pm. Rocky Glade Farm will be located in the same booth as last season, which is on the food court/music end of the market shed. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday Nights On-line Farm Market is now OPEN
Place your order on our Market Page Monday through Wednesday of this week and pickup your veggies at our farm on Thursday night from 3-6 pm. You simply place your order on line and pick it up on the farm on Thursday night! Just park in front of the house, come to the front door, and ring the doorbell if we are not there to greet you. Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your order. Any questions? Feel free to email us.

Photo of the Week
I just couldn't pass up a chance to get a photo of Emma and her baby in the same frame!

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Have a great week!


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