What we were doing skipping the Market!

Hello Farm Friends,

I know, I know…we were not at the market…didn't I tell you guys that last week? So if we were not at the market, what exactly were we doing? Nope…no vacation to Maui…here is just a few highlights from the past week!

Boy has this week been busy. Busy, but very good. Lots of stuff checked off the to-do list…which always scores bonus points in our world. The 2008 crop of beef calves has been vaccinated and the bull has been turned in to work on next year's crop! We are probably ½ to 2/3rd finished with spring hay cutting. Let me just tell you how NICE it is to be baling hay! We cleaned and rearranged the "packing house"…which is our nice term for the ground-hog shed. (When we first moved here a big huge groundhog lived under this outbuilding and we would watch him come and go from our kitchen window). We turned our baby chicks out of the brooder and into their new henhouse to get adjusted. In a few weeks we will open the door and let them catch BUGS! All of that, plus lots of maintenance work in the garden like pruning and tying the tomatoes, weeding and replanting. Sometimes it seems like an endless cycle of planting with nothing to show for it…but just you wait folks…Tennessee veggies are just about to bust wide open! The squash is blooming and putting on little fruits, the green beans and potatoes are blooming, our hoophouse tomatoes are turning red, peppers in the hoophouses are ready to harvest and the cucumbers are starting to plump…hungry yet? Me too! See you this weekend at the market (let's all hope the animals behave while I am gone!)

God Bless You all!
Franklin Farmers Market
We will be there this Saturday! June 7th. We are located at the end of the middle isle, end cap booth, on the music/food end of the market. We have blue tablecloths with chickens on them…Arugula's Star and High Lonesome Ranch are our neighbors…and if all of that doesn't help, just ask another farmer or customer!

Simply Summer CSA
This is the week you guys have been waiting for! We kick off the summer CSA this week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday pickups. If you are in the CSA and did not receive an email concerning this week's pickup, please let me know.

Thursday Nights On-line Farm Market
Place your order on our Market Page Monday through Wednesday of this week and pickup your veggies at our farm on Thursday night from 3-6 pm. You simply place your order on line and pick it up on the farm on Thursday night! Just park in front of the house, come to the front door, and ring the doorbell if we are not there to greet you. Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your order. Any questions? Feel free to email us.

Farm Life Blog
Check out the busy month of May 08!
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
Just a few pictures of our walk-in cooler…the latest addition to our farm! There are three pictures…a semi-before pic, one of the truck filled with blue board and a finished product! You will have to click on each picture to view them.

To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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