Just in the nick of time!

Hello Farm Friends,

Just in the nick of time! You know it really is amazing how much God cares about little boy's hearts…

You see, we kind of have a "no free lunch" rule around here when it comes to our livestock, meaning if you are here to reproduce well then, you best get with it and produce!

Dylem has had a "buddy" sheep since he was 2 going on 3 years old. She was a bottle lamb that we raised the spring of the year that Caleb was born, 2007. During that time we also got a new Pyrenees puppy, Ellie. Combine Buddy Sheep, Adventurous 3 year old and a new puppy and well the bond was immediate and lasting. They romped the fields the drought summer of '07, fixed pretend fences and climbed rocks together. They really had a blast that summer when Dylem needed something fun in his life besides a new baby brother and tired mom.

But recently our talks of the buddy sheep had taken a different turn…Dylem no longer "played" with her and Mom and Dad were thinking of liquidating her from the herd.

You see, the Buddy Sheep did not have a baby this spring like the rest of our ewes and Jim and I were planning a cull load of sheep to go to the sale barn in a few days. One morning over breakfast we broke the news to Dylem…"honey, the Buddy sheep has got to go…she didn't have a baby this year and we need to sell her". Dylem: "not the buddy sheep!!" Mom and Dad: "Honey, you don't really play with her anymore like you used to and we need to sell her while we are going to the sale barn". Dylem: pout and tears.

The next morning after a day full of questions about exactly why we had to get rid of the buddy sheep, Jim came in from checking on the flock. "Guess what?", he said. The buddy sheep had a baby last night!! (2 months late, but one day before the sale barn run!!) (Mom, dumbfounded said nothing!) Dylem was excited and quickly put two and two together and said…we don't have to sell her now!

Is that coincidence or divine intervention? I choose the latter, because I believe God does care for little boy's hearts!

By the way, the buddy sheep had a single ram lamb, that Dylem now calls "his ram"…boy is that Dylem quick to this farming thing…if it is HIS, he gets to call the shots on what happens to them! Just another day on the farm that ends with Mom amazed and smiling in wonder.

God Bless You all! (and Happy Fathers' Day too!)

Franklin Farmers Market
We will be there this Saturday! June 14th. We are located at the end of the middle isle, end cap booth, on the music/food end of the market. We have blue tablecloths with chickens on them…Arugula's Star and High Lonesome Ranch are our neighbors…and if all of that doesn't help, just ask another farmer or customer!

Simply Summer CSA
Don't forget to pickup your boxes on Tuesday or Thursday 3-6 pm on the farm and Saturday 8-1pm at the Market in Franklin!

Thursday Nights On-line Farm Market
Place your order on our Market Page Monday through Wednesday of this week and pickup your veggies at our farm on Thursday night from 3-6 pm. You simply place your order on line and pick it up on the farm on Thursday night! Just park in front of the house, come to the front door, and ring the doorbell if we are not there to greet you. Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your order. Any questions? Feel free to email us.

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Happy Father's Day! Dylem and Dad…just a swinging!

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