Rocky Top

Hello Farm Friends,

What is it about the song Rocky Top? This past weekend at the Franklin Farmers Market…the Franklin Square Pickers lit into a lively rendition of Rocky Top and it was like the national anthem was being sung. People stopped walking, business stopped happening and all eyes turned toward the music. I just had to laugh that a song with a woman in it that is half bear the other half cat yet, sweet as sodie pop could command such attention in the year 2008! Now seriously, I am not poking fun because I too, stopped, looked up and somehow felt the urge to listen and perhaps felt a twinge in my hand as it tried to head toward my heart! Yes indeed Rocky Top you will always be home sweet home to me! Happy Fourth of July��"give thanks for our Rocky Top, USA and the freedom we enjoy here in this great land and for those who have laid and continue to risk their lives for those freedoms!

And a Happy first birthday to our little Calebroo on the 3rd!

And for those of you who shop at Tractor Supply, keep an eye out for Jim and Dylem in their upcoming ads and circulars. TSC did a photo shoot out here on the farm with the boys in might catch my hand in some of the pics, but it was pretty clear they did not want a woman in the pics doing hard farm labor! ha! whatever!
Have a great week!

Franklin Farmers Market
We will be there this Saturday! July 5th. We are located at the end of the middle isle, end cap booth, on the music/food end of the market. We have blue tablecloths with chickens on them…Arugula's Star and High Lonesome Ranch are our neighbors…and if all of that doesn't help, just ask another farmer or customer!

Simply Summer CSA
Don't forget to pickup your boxes on Tuesday or Thursday 3-6 pm on the farm and Saturday 8-1pm at the Market in Franklin!

Thursday Nights On-line Farm Market
Place your order on our Market Page Monday through Wednesday of this week and pickup your veggies at our farm on Thursday night from 3-6 pm. You simply place your order on line and pick it up on the farm on Thursday night! Just park in front of the house, come to the front door, and ring the doorbell if we are not there to greet you. Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know we received your order. Any questions? Feel free to email us.

Farm Life Blog
Are you organic or what?
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
What a difference a year makes…most of you have met our youngest son, Caleb, awake or asleep on my back at the market…this week we celebrate his first birthday and mom can hardly believe a year has passed, but the circles under her eyes tell her it is true! In this week's photo of the week, Caleb and Dad take a much needed rest from the farm work. They grow up so fast!

To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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