Fishing for Calves

Hello Farm Friends,

Yes, yes, yes...this is going to be one of those newsletters you will be talking about around the water cooler! (do people really do that?) Anyway, this past week as we were picking green beans in the garden my father-in-law came walking up the row...hmmm I thought, this can't be good! Long story short, he said his day was going good until he found a calf in a "hole". What do you think of when you hear the word hole: a deep mud puddle, a ditch? I think no one was prepared for the actual "hole" the calf was in. It was deeper than our 12 foot rope would reach, and big enough in diameter for the 300 plus pound calf to walk around in at the bottom! This "sink hole" had actually been covered up with plywood before my father in law bought the property in the early 1970's, so he had no idea it was there. A momma cow unwilling to move on to greener pastures with the rest of the herd clued him in that something was wrong. She would not leave the site of this hole and my Father-in-law said he could hear a calf bawling, but didn't know where it was coming from. So this brings us to potential rescue efforts. The hole was so deep there was no way our farm equipment had enough lift to pull it out. Jim and I had talked to a neighbor in the excavation business about doing some dirt work for us at our new hoophouse sites...he was supposed to be here that afternoon. Jim called him up and indeed he said he would be by that afternoon and would stop by and see if he could help the calf. Jonathan Johnson showed up with his backhoe and dug as far as he could until he hit "the" rock that runs through these parts we live in. It was still another good 6-8 feet to the bottom, but he made the hole wide enough that Jim and Jonathan could get in there and fish a rope around the calf's midsection and then Jonathan hoisted him out of the hole.
Yes indeed every day here on the farm is different, sometimes crazy and occasionally both!

The calf has now been happily rejoined to his mother and the "hole" will soon be fenced off to ward off repeat versions of this story!

Special thanks to everyone who helped free the Jonathan for the equipment and friendly hand, to Tim our "littlest man" who thought he was going to have to go in the hole after the calf, but didn't, and to everyone who has laughed alongside us and thrown in a hand when needed in this crazy farm life we lead!

Have a super week!

Next Week, Next Thursday 7/24
We will not be taking orders on line this week because we will not be open for on-farm pick-up on Thursday night. We will however be at the market on Saturday. Thanks for your understanding this week as we tend to family a little closer than usual as our son Dylem has ear surgery.

Franklin Farmers Market
We will be there this Saturday! July 19th. We are located at the end of the middle isle, end cap booth, on the music/food end of the market. We have blue tablecloths with chickens on them…Arugula's Star and High Lonesome Ranch are our neighbors…and if all of that doesn't help, just ask another farmer or customer!

Simply Summer CSA
Don't forget to pickup your boxes on Tuesday or Thursday 3-6 pm on the farm and Saturday 8-1pm at the Market in Franklin!

Farm Life Blog
Shocker! Yeah it is going around!
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
There are actually 4 pics to look at this week...See the calf story from above in photos! Be sure to view them from "calf in a hole" to "Back with Momma"

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