Thank YOU!

Hello Farm Friends,
Thanks so much for all of the prayers, get well wishes, gifts, balloons and cards for our little Dylem as he went through surgery last week. It was routine surgery for ear tubes and to remove his adenoids…but it seems that anything involving surgery on my kids does not seem "routine" in the least. He did so well and was so brave, even though he was so scared at the same time. The day of the surgery started out routine enough…chores and no one eating breakfast since Dylem could not eat…the boy was clearly hungry. We were almost to the interstate on ramp when traffic came to a STOP. There was a wreck just ahead of us on Hwy 96. We sat there for a while and waited, but eventually turned around and looked for an alternate route or we would have missed the surgery appointment. As I said above the surgery went well and once the anesthesia cleared his system we were on our way home…the boy was still clearly hungry and wanted a grilled cheese sandwich��"and a milk shake, so of course he got one of each. Some of you may have noticed that from time to time we have had sunflowers for sale at the market…that is Dylem's crop this year. He has been selling the sunflowers to earn enough money to buy a wagon to pull behind his pedal tractor. The week before the surgery he earned enough money that we ordered his wagon for him. As we pulled in the driveway from the hospital the FedEx truck arrived at the exact same time…you guessed it special delivery for Dylem…the pedal tractor wagon! So for the rest of the day we broke the rules and we had pedal tractor rides in the house. The wagon is the perfect size for Caleb and Dylem loves having something to haul that giggles. Later that day as we checked the mail there were cards for Dylem, one that sang a song about a "Country Boy", and then balloons on the porch attached to a returned CSA box, crayons and coloring books…and the list goes on and on! At the end of the day I reflected at how much once again God cares for my little boy. Sometimes when Caleb is crying Dylem will tell him, "It's ok Caleb, God is with you, don't be scared" I know for certain God is with all of us all the time, but especially on one big day of uncertainty in our little boy's life, God was really with him. Our pastor says that God usually shows up in our lives through other people…and he is certainly right as we were all blessed by each act of kindness shown to us through your patience, love and gifts. Thank you so much for being just the best all of the time, but really showing out in times of need!

Have a super week!

Thursday Night On-Farm Pickup
We are now taking orders for Thursday night pickup of fresh veggies right here on the farm in Eagleville. Pickup times are 3-6 pm on Thursday. To see what items are available please visit Market Page

Franklin Farmers Market
We will be there this Saturday! August 2nd. We are located at the end of the middle isle, end cap booth, on the music/food end of the market. We have blue tablecloths with chickens on them…Arugula's Star and High Lonesome Ranch are our neighbors…and if all of that doesn't help, just ask another farmer or customer!

Simply Summer CSA
Don't forget to pickup your boxes on Tuesday or Thursday 3-6 pm on the farm and Saturday 8-1pm at the Market in Franklin!

Farm Life Blog
Blessed…in so many ways
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
As you read in the farm report…here is a picture of Dylem's pedal tractor wagon and Caleb going for a ride.

To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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