Who in the world is Lila Clack?

Hello Farm Friends,

Does anyone know Lila Clack? Me neither, not really, but I have been thinking a lot about her lately. I am thinking she was a really good cook, had her own family cow to get fresh milk from and probably had a flock of chickens too. What brings me to these conclusions? Why her Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe of course!

To me it is the hallmark of a good recipe if it is named after someone, but they are not the same person who submitted the recipe to the cookbook. I wonder if Mary Jane Bailey of the Green Hills Council, who submitted the recipe knew Lila Clack personally or was Lila Clack just historically known for her great recipe?

After making and tasting this homemade ice cream, I believe Lila Clack is one of the smartest and best ice cream makers I know! All totally natural ingredients and great smooth, creamy texture…absolutely the BEST homemade ice cream I have ever had!

Many of you have been telling me about how your family is committed to buying as much food as possible locally within a certain mile distance, or trying to eat totally locally and seasonallyâ€"I am inspired and have been searching for recipes to make for my family using only or at least mostly ingredients we produce on our farm. It is challenging to break the mindset of using mixes and packaged goods to cook with, but since my youngest son Caleb was born it has been a necessity for me to change the way I cook due to his food sensitivities. What I have learned by reading labels like a maniac is that I do not like what I see in processed food. I have had lots of chemistry classes in my life and I don't see any reason for things I used in lab to be in my food!

Thank you for your commitment to eating healthy, local and specifically from OUR farm! We appreciate you and what you are doing…and we appreciate your commitment to our environment as we notice more and more of you bringing your own bags to the market---again you are inspiring as I see that it takes effort, planning and lots of brain cells to not use plastic or to reuse your old plastic bags!

And of course it would be rude for me to have talked on and on about this ice cream recipe and not pass it on to you. You might be thinking that the calories, or cost is prohibitive for making this treat…but I encourage you to try it…you won't be sorry!

Lila Clack's Vanilla Ice Cream
6 eggs
4 cups whole milk
2 cups sugar
½ tsp salt
4 cups heavy cream
5 tsp vanilla
Combine eggs and milk in a large saucepan, beat with a whisk until blended. Add sugar and salt. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thick, about 10 minutes. Cool in refrigerator until cold. Add cream and vanilla. Pour into one gallon crank freezer and freeze until firm.
**leftovers (if there are any!) freeze well in the deep freeze and are easy to scoop out, unlike other homemade ice cream I have tried in the past**

Have a super week!

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Simply Summer CSA
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Photo of the Week
It is always fun to move the cows to a new pasture any time of the year…but especially in the summer when they are grazing Sudex, a lush, tropical grass. I like watching them line up at the hot wire and then disappearing into the grass…when I come back the next morning to move them again all of the tall grass is gone, they completely consume it which is what rotational grazing is all about. This Sudex will regrow and the process starts all over again!

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