Back from the Break

Hello Farm Friends,
Well last week the boys and I were on vacation in Nashville with my Mom, who was visiting from Colorado. We had a good time despite Fay dropping rain on us early in the week. I viewed the rain with such mixed emotions...I mean we hadn't had ANY rain the entire month of August until we go on vacation!! Anyway, it was good to get away from the farm, GREAT to see my Mom and see her with the boys, and really nice to come home to a few surprises Jim had worked on for us during the week. It is also nice to realize that you like where you live...that when you are home, you are HOME and happy to be there. I have not always been able to say that about where I live, but slowly and surely the Glade is growing on me!

We were busy before leaving for vacation pounding and leveling posts for the two new greenhouses we are building and now that we are back there is still lots to do to get those two houses up and functional before FROST! With that said, we will not be going to the market this Saturday, but WILL be open on the farm on Thursday night for order pickup...looks like we will have a good quantity of beans, so if you were thinking of freezing or canning this is a good week to stock up! We also will have OKRA for those of you who have been hankering for it! Thanks so much for your patience as we go "off schedule" probably for a few weeks while we attempt to get our big projects finished up!
Have a super week!

Thursday Night On-Farm Pickup
We are now taking orders for Thursday September 4th pickup of fresh veggies right here on the farm in Eagleville. Pickup times are 3-6 pm on Thursday. To see what items are available please visit Market Page

Franklin Farmers Market
We will not be at the market this Saturday, September 4th.
We are busy building hoophouses and getting our winter crops started and planted. See you in a few weeks.

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Photo of the Week
Some people vacation in strange ways! Here Jim shows you the size of the posts and just HOW MUCH he has to get into the ground! To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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