Have you ever??

Hello Farm Friends,
Something I did NOT expect to come out of building the hoophouses was a rousing game of "Have you EVER" with my 4 yr old. Our game started something like this, "Mommy, have you ever squished mud with your nose?" to which I turn around and see that apparently now HE can say that he has! Honestly everytime we came to the house for any length of time this past weekend from working on the hoops we had to get the boys in the bathtub. They were covered in mud and of course LOVED it! At one point Dylem was laying in the mud just as happy as he can be...maybe he is part pig! Pig or not he looked so comfortable and so entertained...I guess mud and boys do go together! Have a super week. We are once again taking a break from the market and on farm orders to work hard on the hoophouses this week...the fall tomatoes are coming along and so are the seedlings that will be lettuce and kale and such...we promise we are coming back to the market, we just have some houses to finish first before COLD weather!

Thursday Night On-Farm Pickup
We will not be open this Thursday night for on farm orders. Sorry...we are in between summer and winter crops and are really focused on the hoophouses. To see what items are available please visit Market Page

Franklin Farmers Market
We will not be at the market this Saturday, September 13th.
We are busy building hoophouses and getting our winter crops started and planted. See you in a few weeks.

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Photo of the Week
We have been working hard on completing the first of two hoophouses we are adding to the farm. Working hard is an understatement for the boys...they have spent lots of time down there in the "big dirt pile" playing and entertaining each other while Mom and Dad work. I guess it was just too much for Dylem one afternoon and he just fell asleep on his Mule. Neither of my kids have EVER fallen asleep in the middle of something like this, so I guess he really was tuckered out! To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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