Mornings with Caleb

Hello Farm Friends,
Sometimes I really wonder what folks driving down Rocky Glade Road anywhere between 4-6 AM think. Did they see a ghost with ugly pajamas on? Someone trying to steal chickens in a stroller? Or did they see anything at all? Yes, when I am doing chores in my pajamas with our 1 year old in a stroller eating rice chex in the dark lots of things go through my mind...most recently if I am freaking some poor passerby out!

Apparently lots of crucial genetic information is carried on the Y chromosome in the Vaughn family: male, very independent, very early riser, loves rice chex, tractor enthusiast. I am almost positive those traits are carried on the Y chromosome in the Vaughn Human Genome Project. I passed on the X and I am not that wild about rice chex or waking up early (though I do have to claim the independent part). Which brings me back to being in the dark pushing a stroller.

Caleb likes to get up early...and he is hungry...and he is loudly telling me it is time to put on shoes and do chores (and he cannot talk yet!)...and yes it is dark. There is a person sleeping in the room with my clothes and eye glasses so off we go, Caleb and I pajama clad into the big wide world. He sits in his stroller, eats rice chex and watches as all the animals come in for breakfast. We milk the cow and then cross the road to check on the rest of our herd. Sometimes I am not too happy about being up so early, but most mornings it feels special to share such a great time of the day with my little buddy. We watch the sky go from complete darkness to sun everyday miracle mostly taken for granted. We greet each set of critters and tell them good morning. Caleb gets lots of wet, cold nose kisses from the dogs and I get a head rub from the barn cat. It is a time of quiet in our very loud and busy day. It is early, it is dark, it is beautiful, it is special and I hope I never forget how this feels.

We have finished Hoophouse #3 except for installing doors, but the beds are in, composted and planted! Hoophouse #4 was greatly helped by a huge labor infusion from Tim Carey and Kelley Gallagher this past week...Kelley is thinking of changing her career from Nursing to full time drill operator (haha). The plastic is on, sidewalls are complete...we just have to finish the endwalls, doors and work on the beds inside, which is no small task! Our seed garlic arrived this week which means that needs to be planted, sweet potatoes need to be dug and much more here on the farm...for that reason we will not be coming to the market on Saturday, but we WILL be OPEN here on the farm Thursday night for anyone wanting to swing by! Thanks for your support and patience!

Thursday Night On-Farm Pickup
SURPRISE SURPRISE!! We are OPEN this THURSDAY NIGHT! If you are interested in placing an order, please click on the link below. Place your order online, then pick it up at the farm on Thursday night 3-6 pm. To see what items are available please visit Market Page

Franklin Farmers Market
We will not be at the market this Saturday, October 4th. We will be busy finishing up the second hoophouse, digging sweet potatoes and more! See you in a few weeks when our cold weather crops are in.

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Photo of the Week
Way up high! Nurse or Construction Future and a Whachamagigit! You get three pictures this week filling you in on our farm life! To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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