The best things are FREE

Hello Farm Friends,
I just finished reading an article about the best things in life being free and well, given the current news headlines and economic state that is a mighty good thing! The article talked about no matter how much we try to "improve" things, what perseveres and lasts was pretty much there in the first place. Which got me to thinking about how much our lives and mindset has changed here at the Glade. It would take many more words than you have time to read to completely explain my thought process…but here lately the Vaughns have been enjoying living on a farm. It is kind of a weird deal, living on a farm. You dream of it, the independence, the solitude and all the other beautiful pictures you have in your mind. Then you get the farm, and the endless work, and the solitude and the other not so pretty realities that go with farming and well you just want to get away from the farm for a bit. However, at least in my heart it seems that the more we pour into the farm these days the more I am finding it is the exact spot on this earth that I love more than any other. It is where I want to be, it is HOME. While working on the hoophouses Dylem played on a huge set of rocks for hours on end with sticks and lizards, bugs and spiders and at first I was nervous about him being alone (yes Mom and and Mom in law we could still see him!!). But it was amazing to see how creative he was and how…content he was. Caleb and Dylem played in the dirt under a shade tree for countless hours during construction and they both loved it…if nothing else at 1 and 4 they are better buddies after spending so much time entertaining each other with nature as their playmate. We regularly take walks around here and find odd things and see wildlife and wonder about fossil prints in big rocks and why birds won't come live in Dylem's bird box and well…we just wonder a whole lot around here these days and it is FREE and we are THANKFUL and that is LIFE…taking what you are given...and being blessed with eyes wide enough to really SEE life for what it is, no matter the circumstances.

Thursday Night On-Farm Pickup
We will be open for on farm pickup this Thursday night October 16th. To order, please place your order online, then pick it up at the farm on Thursday night 3-6 pm. To see what items are available please visit Market Page

Franklin Farmers Market
We will see you this weekend at the Franklin Farmers' Market on Saturday October 18th!

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Photo of the Week
Watching for Daddy…both Dylem and Caleb love to watch Daddy work with the tractor even from the inside.
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