Happily Busy...and Hopeful

Hello Farm Friends,
So hello and howdy from Rocky Glade Farm. It feels like forever since I have written you and believe it or not we have just been plain BUSY! The hoophouses are totally complete now, down to insulation around the doors! AMEN. Let me say that again…AMEN. I am telling you the quote the company gave us for putting the houses up was CRAZY MUCH, but honestly there were times during construction I was tempted! Things have been good here. Dylem and I have been picking up Black Walnuts as our trees had a bountiful year. We have ordered a nut cracker that is supposed to do the trick on their hard shells…more on that in a later newsletter and I hope I have good news! Our CSA has started and is going good…well, we have one pickup under our belt, but with such a great group of folks I see the rest of the season continuing to go splendidly. We have winterized our buildings, our barns, all of our six thousand hose pipes and this week we will wean our Jim's Dads calves. One by one the to-do list should be ticking down here on the Glade, but somehow we keep adding things to the list. For us, it is normally Christmas before we really feel things ease off. Not all of that is because of the farm, but it certainly takes a whole lot of energy to get things tidied up from summer and ready to survive the winter…and yet get ready for Spring all at the same time. Talk abounds of higher prices for supplies, shortages of some things and I feel that tightening of my stomach as I begin to wonder what that means to us. Then I realize it means nothing. Fear has no place here. We simply do the best we have with what is available. That is the way we have always operated and 2009 will be no different. We recently read an article by Baxter Black (I have tried to find a link to it, but nothing doing!). The article talked about what we can do during these stressful economic times. It seems like everyone wants to know what to do…what is the next step? So here is Baxter Black's suggestion in his article title "Perspective". Mow your neighbors lawn, keep your hands and mind busy, make your time beneficial to others. You won't be surprised to find how healing it is to brighten someone's day. Be a part of something good. Start going to church again, coach a kid's sport, Babysit, tutor a hard luck child. Be thrifty, but invest in your LOCAL economy. Buy Girlscout cookies, don't abandon your contributions to things that are good, help the downtrodden. Keep tipping the waitress. Pass it along. Fine tune your business, Put in more hours, work more efficiently. Get your mind right, pull your share of the load. Put your fear in God's hands and pickup a shovel!! We are AMERICA, you and I. We are expected to do the right thing at home and abroad. Have FAITH…for "faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11:1"


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