About a week and a half ago one of our hoophouses was damaged by a really bad wind that roared through the Glade. Actually the fact that the frame was even salvageable is all due to our 4 year old Dylem, who on a "whim" looked outside the barn where he and his Daddy were working to see "something weird" happening at the hoophouse. When Daddy looked at the house 3 posts were out of the ground as the wind was ripping through the house, by the time Daddy got down to the location most of one side was coming off the ground, by the time Mommy arrived at the scene the entire side of the hoophouse was waving in the wind like it was riding a roller coaster, the plastic whipping and pulling in every direction all at one time. After about 3 seconds to think about what to do, Jim started cutting the plastic in order to save further damage to the frame structure. Plastic secured we all stepped back to look at what was left of Hoophouse #2, a house we built when Dylem was one year old. I have to admit a twinge of defeat pulled at my body, a tiredness settled into my soul, a tiredness that is not welcome, but sometimes it just comes on in anyway. That night we sat down, made our list of to-dos and what ifs and began to trace out what we could do to get the hoophouse set to rights in the shortest amount of time possible. By the next morning the hoophouse was no longer a point of defeat, it was a job…just a job. Something to dig in and get done to the best of our ability with what God gave us to work with.

A very respected farm friend and dairyman once told Jim that his father used to say, "If all of my problems are at the barn, I don't have any problems". I could simply not agree more. Our problems seem bigger when they first hit us in the face unexpectedly don't they? But when we step back and take a look at all of our options, the what could have beens versus the what actually happened…we are blessed. It is hard to see the silver lining in all the unexpected things that come to each of our lives everyday…especially the really big ones…and I am NOT talking about hoophouses anymore. Everyday it seems there is more bad news than good…but honestly, I believe in reality there is more good than bad actually taking place…it is just harder to recognize.

Hoophouse #2 is now better than before with new endwalls, new doors, new plastic and 18 earth anchors to hold her in place for the future. There is a silver lining to all of the hurt going on in our world too…like Hoophouse 2, we will all come out of what we are facing better, stronger, more prepared for the future if we let God reconstruct us.

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