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Is it really Spring? The calendar says so, the grass is growing, baby lambs are on the ground and the garlic is up and at ‘em, so I suppose it really is Spring! I am sure we will have another cold snap, but it is so nice to be able to enjoy the great outdoors on a regular basis without hats and gloves and 3 jackets etc. I figure I gain at least an hour a day back just by not having to bundle the boys and myself up so much every time we go outdoors! Our first set of ewes have finished lambing and the younger set should start any day, so the farm is full of babies crying for Mama and then as they get older Mamas crying out for their babies "where are you?". I totally understand both sets of cries. Sometimes around here in the spring things get really quiet…too quiet as the boys have so much to look at and check out that sometimes I forget they are here. Recently we planted potatoes, onions, and other cool season veggies in the BIG garden across the road. I was busily working when I suddenly realized I hadn't thought about Caleb in a while. I looked back down the row and there he was happily playing in the dirt, checking things out and getting good and dirty just like little boys should. I am so thankful Spring is here…my head, heart and soul needed a bit of warmer weather this year for sure!

Extra Winter CSA boxes this week
The veggies are loving the warmer temps and are growing by leaps and bounds! This week only we will have a limited number of extra Winter CSA boxes available for pickup on Thursday March 26 2-6pm, Friday March 27 2-6 pm and Saturday March 28, 8-11 am. The boxes are 25.00 each and will contain 3-4 heads of lettuce, carrots, chickory, kale, onions, radishes, cilantro and swiss chard. If you would like to order a box for pickup this week, please email us back as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday morning, March 25. Thanks!

Simply Summer CSA Info
Thanks for your support and interest in the 2009 Summer CSA, all available spots are filled for 2009. Deposits are due April 1st for those who have signed up.

Farm Life Blog
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
The lambs are here! Check out a collection of spring lamb pictures.
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