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Hello Farm Friends,

WOW! A LOT has happened since the last newsletter. About 10 minutes after getting home and assessing the damage, Jim had a recovery plan and so far so good with YOUR help! Our farm crew got busy trying to get plastic off and as much of the metal out of the way as possible, then the real help arrived! On Friday April 17, a skilled handful of men some farmers, some friends, but all adept at power tools came to help us get the TRICKY metal down and get the site secure for folks to come help the following day. On Saturday April 18 a group of YOU, local residents, past employers, customers, neighbors, family…all of you counted as FRIENDS came to bend your back and pour your sweat onto our farm and what was done at the end of the day was no less than a miracle. When folks arrived on Saturday they would have seen a big pile of tangled metal, brush, pieces of our wood hen house and lots of bits and pieces of you name it scattered all over the farm. In the course of three hours or so it was all piled up, cleared away and the farm looked amazing! The following Monday a group of local farmers came to help us rip out bad veggies and replant good ones in the hoophouse ground as well as to help us continue the demolition and clean up process. It was an amazing turn of events that I can only call a "God-event". For there to have been so many people on our property from so many different backgrounds without one single physical accident, or one harsh word spoken…well I just say it had to be God!

So many things have happened in such a short period of time. I will fill in the gaps in the farm blog. What I do want to make clear is just how thankful we are to each of you. I don't know for sure who did what, so I will just send out a collective THANK YOU attached to a big hug. Some of you sent as one person put it a "tornado recovery stimulus package" which is so appreciated you have no idea, some of you brought food, served food, watched the boys, helped physically time and time again. Many of you prayed and your prayers were felt, are felt every single day. You have given in so many ways and we are blessed by each act of kindness…THANK YOU, from the bottom of all our hearts.

Franklin Farmers Market Opens this weekend
The Franklin Farmers Market opens this weekend May 2nd from 8-1pm at the Factory in Franklin. We will not attend probably until Mid May, but don't want you to miss out on all the goodies you can find at the market…honestly this is one great market…if you haven't been yet, check it out! For more info you can visit the market website at

ON-Farm Market …how about next week?
After checking out the crops we believe we will have some things to offer next week. I will send out an email on Monday May 4th letting you know what will be available for pickup on Thursday May 7. See you soon!

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Photo of the Week
Several Tornado Recovery related photos this week...check them all out, who knows you might see someone you recognize this week! To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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