A Turkey's Love

Hello Farm Friends,

Our neighbor, Cool Papa, as he is affectionately called out here has a gaggle of turkeys. I say gaggle because you just can't call them a flock, some are wild, some are domestic, some are a mix of the two. Anyway…Dylem has become quite fond of the turkeys and hearing the "gobble gobble" as we do morning chores. Turkeys have become one of his latest passions, so it was with great joy that one of Papa's turkeys decided to make her nest of eggs under a little cedar bush on the side of the road pretty close to our house. Each day she would faithfully sit on that nest all day long, then about dusk would leave her precious little promises and fly over our fence to get water from the trough and graze our grass before she returned to her nest for the evening. It became an afternoon ritual to sit on the front porch and observe her or to catch a glimpse of her grazing from the green house fence. I have to admit I really liked this turkey. I was really excited to see her hatch her chicks. She was a nice enough turkey and we were excited about this "something new" that was happening on the farm. One evening as we sat watching her from our front porch she decided to cross the road in front of two cars. Mind you the turkey's body is about 50 times bigger than its brain, but I thought surely this turkey would see TWO cars! She almost made it before getting hit by the second one. She hobbled to our side of the road and Jim went to check on her and declared her to be able to "take a licking and keep on ticking" after she FLEW back to the other side of the road past her nest and into the next field. We were impressed with the hardiness of this turkey, but now I realize it wasn't all hardiness, it was determination that kept her going. You see the next day Dylem and I went to check on her when she was scheduled to be sitting on her nest and instead of sitting there, she was lying down with both wings fully outstretched over her eggs. She was dead, but the last thing on her mind was her "babies". If you have ever seen a hen with chicks you will know that when there is trouble she will spread her wings out and her chicks will gather underneath her for safety. It touched my heart so deeply that this half white, half wild, not so smart turkey was caring for her soon to be hatched poults the best way she knew how in her final moments of life. She was spreading her wings out to protect them just in case they hatched without her. This is the gift of love that all mothers (and basically every woman I know of) naturally has. Somehow this turkey reminded me of my own Mom, watching her cry through my own misty eyes as I pulled out of the driveway for college beyond her wings reach. Now as a mother myself I already dread the day that Dylem flees my wingspan. One thing I know for certain, we can never get beyond our Heavenly Father's wingspan EVER…and we can never get beyond our own Mother's love here on Earth. So to all the Moms out there…Happy Mother's Day! Though sometimes it is hard…you are making a difference in your family's life and in the future of the world!

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