Walking Through a Miracle

Hello Farm Friends,

Who knew we could have a nice fall feeling day in the middle of May? I suppose we were having another type of "winter"…you know Dogwood, Blackberry etc. The nice cool weather was a change of pace for sure, but those cold dips always make me nervous with precious warm loving plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers long since in the ground and now blooming. The boys and I took a walk yesterday and we picked out which of Jim's Dads fall calves to purchase and just in general took in the sites and sounds of a lovely Sunday afternoon. The birds were singing, the wind was blowing and the grasses which will soon become our winter hay were swaying along with our calves happily munching down some clover in a nearby pasture. I felt myself saying that "I love it here!", which I totally do and suppose always have, but to be honest it has been hard to live here since April 10. There is still so much to do, so much to clean up. All of the clean up process has to be mixed in with working on growing crops for this summer and planning for rebuilding this fall. Slowly but surely we are making progress, things are being picked up, cut up, hauled away or moved to piles to be sorted through at a later date. Fences are being mended and brush is being burned little by little and now that the sun has begun to shine a little bit the farm is feeling more and more like home everyday…and that is a miracle in itself…everyday is a miracle here on the farm! Have a great week!

On-line Farm Market Will be closed this week!
We will not be open for on farm orders this week as we try to beat the next round of rain and get more ground worked and planted, and our other crops weeded and cultivated. Thanks for your understanding.

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is now open on Saturdays at the Factory In Franklin from 8am until 1pm. Rocky Glade Farm will be there in booth number 9 this Saturday!

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Walking Through a Miracle
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Photo of the Week
He gives beauty for ashes…a few pics of the hoophouse ground now in full production!
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Have a great week!


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