Don't lose your JOY!

Hello Farm Friends,

Once again I was inspired by one of Dylem's library books…really it doesn't take much for me! This one is called the "Pout-Pout Fish", and basically he is a glub, glum little guy who cannot even swim, he just sinks. His motto is "I am a pout-pout fish with a pout pout face, so I spread the dreary wearies all over the place." So he continues sinking along in the ocean with all of his other buddies trying to cheer him up, but instead he leaves them blue, with their smiles turned to frowns after talking with him. UNTIL…this beautiful fish swims down out of the blue and without asking plants a big smoooooch right on his pout pout face. Then the pout-pout fish flips right side up and says: "My friends, I should have known it all along, I thought I was pouty, but it turns out I was wrong. I'm a kiss kiss fish with kiss kiss face for spreading cheery-cheeries all over the place"

Now this beautiful fish never said a word, she just saw a fish in need and went and did what she could to help him out. This is exactly what we have experienced from friends, neighbors and folks just like you since the April 10 tornado. I want to express our appreciation for those of you just brought a cake, who just gave money, who just brought food, who just came to be with us, who just came to help us out cleaning up. You did not ask, you just saw people in need and did what you could to help us out and we are forever grateful.

One of the biggest things we have learned through this process is that Nike was right…we all should "Just Do It". Honestly, if you see a person in need and feel the urge to help do not question yourself about whether you should help or not…just do it. Just go and help. Send the food, send the check if you can spare it, do something. Folks in need do not know what they need and honestly anything and everything is appreciated in a crisis. You will help to change the pout pouts to cheery cheeries in a shorter time span…things will still be hard, but there will be hope and YOU will have been the conduit for helping bring that hope in a very dark place.

Again thank you…may each of you never lose your JOY in the struggles of life. Things and times are hard, but do not let your JOY be stolen!

Have a super week!

On-line Farm Market Will be open this week!
We will be open for on farm orders this week! To order simply fill out the order form Monday -Wednesday of this week and pickup your order on Thursday May 28 here at the farm!

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is now open on Saturdays at the Factory In Franklin from 8am until 1pm. Rocky Glade Farm will be there in booth number 9 this Saturday!

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Have a great week!


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