Anniversary Sheep

Hello Farm Friends,

How many of you pay attention to those anniversary gift suggestions that used to be printed on every calendar you bought? I guess not many since they quit printing them! Well, Jim has decided that we will be celebrating our 11th anniversary with sheep. Yes Sheep, but "good" sheep he tells me. I guess that is like the difference between tableware and "good" tableware? Anyhow, we are loading up the Yukon on Sunday with me, Jim, the boys, overnight things, toys and snacks and one huge sheep box that come Monday will hold our good sheep! We are travelling to East TN to Powder Springs??, a place I have never heard of and I am FROM east TN! We are lodging at a Bed and Breakfast called Skunk Ridge…can this story get any better?? And it is all true!

And naturally as you might have guessed I am really (no really I am) excited about this trip. A night off the farm eating someone else's cooking, with nothing to do but spend time with my boys and pick out some "good" sheep. One sheep that will be the father to the next few years of lamb crops around here and two ewes that look a lot like the beginning to our kids college funds, or first car or whatever the sales of the offspring from these two ladies nets by the time they need something big and expensive paid for.

Yeah, it is not every girl who gets to celebrate her 11th anniversary with her husband, two kids, one ram and two ewes in a Yukon…and I count myself very LUCKY!

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