Hoophouses and Garden

Growing Since 1998. Fresh from our farm to your table!

Over two acres of vegetables are grown seasonally at Rocky Glade Farm using natural and sustainable growing methods. In the spring you will find us working up the soil, adding natural fertilizers and compost to prepare the soil for the upcoming growing season. You will also find us at that same time harvesting crops of lettuce, kale, beets, carrots and other cold-tolerant crops out of our un-heated, passive-solar hoophouses. Utilizing both open ground and covered hoophouse ground, we are able to provide vegetables to our customers year round!

Our growing season runs from September through the end of strawberry season in May/June. In 2014, we made some changes to our farm season plan in order to care for our farm as well as our family better. This allows us to use the summer months of July/August/September to grow winter storage crops, take care of our beef cattle, make hay and repair our farm for the upcoming winter/spring growing season. If you would like to read the details of our farm plan, please visit 2014 Positive Changes at RGF

Our commitment to you is to grow the best food possible. Everything we offer is grown on our farm--guaranteed!

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