Veggie ID

Identify those UVOs (Unidentified Vegetative Objects) here!

Green Butterhead

A beautiful and perfectly soft green butterhead lettuce. Just right for a salad to feed 2-4 folks. Very soft light green dense butterhead center surrounded by darker green leaves.

Hakurei Turnips and Greens

Sweet and small white turnips...these are the best turnips we have ever grown as far as tenderness and taste. Small greens great for cooking, very tender. You can also enjoy these raw with salads or dips, chop like radishes etc.
Sweet Green Pea Shoots

Sweet Green Pea Shoots are wonderful! We discovered them this fall and boy do we like them! You can add them to a salad and eat them raw, or replace your lettuce with some pea shoots on your next sandwich. Another favorite way to prepare them is to add to your stirfry at the VERY last minute. It lends a "snow pea" flavor. The raw flavor overall is very clean, sweet and crunchy
Winter Thyme


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